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Catfish on the Horseshoe Chain???


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Last winter I saw a steady stream of discussion cathcing Catfish on the Horseshoe chain by Richmond??

My son and I want to try this sometime this winter.

How do you fish them...I have heard just like a walleye?


How deep?

Good eating?

Are they fighters?

ANy other helpful hints?

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they suspend over the deepest water in the chain. There is one area that recieves alot of pressure now that the word is out. There are other untapped areas out there also. I have always done well with a 1/4 jig with a fathead minnow that has been gutted. the active fish will usually be 10 feet off the bottom or sometimes higher. Good luck

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Ahh yes, the kitties grin.gif ...one of my favorite species through the ice. The Horseshoe Chain is full of 2-3 pound cats and several that approach 5 pounds are commonly caught as well. Larger fish up in the double digits are caught every winter too. Deeper holes and edges are good places to look. Areas where deeper holes shift or change slightly are prime spots. Small changes in depth inside these larger holes are things to look for too. These cats will often times stack up and its not uncommon to see 10-15 cats or more on your flasher at one time. I prefer 1/8oz jigging spoons tipped with minnow pieces. Blue and white was the hot color last winter out there. These fish will hit like a crappie on occasion but when you set the hook you will feel a little more weight grin.gif

You can catch cats out there pretty much throughout the winter months, once ice is thick enough to support walking. Becareful because there are some thin spots and once you venture in the narrows or river sections the ice is always fluctuating and even in midwinter when the mainlake has 24 inches of ice you might only find 4 inches out on the river.

Catfish through the ice are phenomenal on the table! Cut out the mudline and fry them up in a cajun batter, tough to beat smile.gif

Are they a fighting fish...you betcha! Once you hook on of these whiskered bulldawgs you can expect to have a soiid fight until the fish comes through the hole.

We are having an event out on the Horseshoe Chain this winter. A lot more tips and techniques will be shared, as well as a catfish fry too. Always a good time...

March 5th - Cool Cats - Horseshoe Lake, Richmond, MN

Here's a couple links about the event...

Cool Cats

Cool Cats More...

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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