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  1. Use the pass and fish some dot lakes on the north country ice if there's ice.... or just bring the boat. When a guy has the pass be prepared to fish.
  2. I think it's been quite bit warmer this year....at least on the days I'm fishing.
  3. I can vouch for the Thorne Bros rods. I have a few custom ice rods too. I had Bill make me longer handles that fit my style of fishing...nice for going light for big fish.
  4. Hi guys, Here's the link http://www.marcum.com/. That other url was the proof on our development server. Thanks for the positive comments!
  5. Heck of a conversation. In my opinion the fish is a record and congrats on that fish being caught but it should have been released back into the lake...why should the DNR care if gets released they already certified it....get a graphite this is 2005 wouldn't it be nice to know the fish is still swimming? The chances of a wild fish that old living in a tank are very slim to none. I'm the geek that'd never know I caught the record because I'd take the measurements and the photos and let her go. What a shame to kill that fish. Still congrats on a great catch! Too bad it turned into a circus.
  6. We have LX1's too for $225.00. Nice starter unit great price and brand new with full warranty.
  7. Congrats to the Whities! I'm one Twins fan who happy for you guys....1917 was a long time ago.
  8. I'm saying Thorne Bros with the Tennessee handle. Nothing against the wood ones but the closer to the blank I am the better the feel....a rod seat just gets in the way of the blank and the blank is what gives me feel for the nibble/bite. Just one guys opinion.
  9. Not Yet...Should be in October.
  10. "It's hard to swing the bat with two hands around your neck" Gary Gaetti 9-19-85
  11. Don't forget to look at Marcum....Marcum's new vs350 will set the mark for the units at $199.00. The 7-inch screen, 65 foot cord, Sony camera with solid low light viewing make the vs350 the choice in starter units. It's even got a dimmer on the face of the unit so it's easier to see in all light conditions.
  12. You can call us Twinkies but we're still 3 time defending AL Central Champs....and man did we have some parties in '87 and '91. fishguy you hit it on the head the Sox talked a lot of smack and they didn't back it up until this year...the year they stopped talking so much smack. It's going to be fun though for you Whitey fans. That last series of the year in the Jake could be trouble. Cold beer will help your nerves.
  13. 4 losses in a row here comes Willie Mays Hays and Wildthing. Indians clinch on Oct 2 vs the Pale Hose. It could happen. If your boys get there do some damage for us AL Central fans!
  14. Welcome to FM Toby-n-ohio. I'd fish Minnetonka. Hit the Metro Forum and ask around. There's good maps for Tonka too. In general hard bottom edges and humps are where they live. A jig and minnow approach/crankbaits are good options. Chance at a big one too.
  15. If the rod is mainly for Lakers get the Laker Breaker. You won't regret having some extra power. If you need something for multi-species then I agree with Matt. For line I recommend 12 lb P-Line Florice. I may try some Gamma this winter too.
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