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  1. Seems to be on issue on mine as well.
  2. I have not made the trip for a few years and hope to make it this year with some advance planning. Has there been a date set for the Sturgeon Excursion 2014? Thanks
  3. My first choice is to visit a nieghbor on the lake, but not always welcome when they discover my motive. I reality, I use a 5 gal bucket with toilet lid, lined with a plastic gab with kitty liter in the bottom.
  4. Also, The furnace works well in mine, do you have bad condensation on inside?
  5. Do you have any pics? Thanks for idea on using tarp to skirt it with. That is a better option then using the pink insulation I was thinking of, better for storage anyway. Last night I was looking at the floor layout and am excited about the prospect of this project. Once the kids are out of High School Wrestling I will invest in a nice house.
  6. I looked through the first 33 pages of the forum and found one thread relative to this. I bought a sweet little camper to use for kids at our lake home. In great shape. I am thinking of adding 4 holes with sleeves and use as a house a couple times a year. Here are the CON's I see; 1. Little heavy 2. Will sit off the ice 3. Condensation possibilities Here are the PRO's I see; 1. Fun to work on 2. Premade and dual use for the camper 4. Comfy, What other constructive suggestions do you have? We do not get out often right now as I have kids invovled in Wreslting every weekend.
  7. Please, also make arrangements to dispose of you fish properly. This is a huge issue within the sport right now.
  8. Actually I just looked at it last night...it has a 25 HP. I am using it as a bowfishing boat...might make the trip.
  9. I was up there about 4 years ago...it was incredible. Here is my question, I have a 16 foot jon boat with a 15HP...do you guys think I could manage with that. Last time up we did not go out of the mouth of the river vedry far and did well. I realilze wind woduil be the big unknown.
  10. I just picked up my first bowfishing boat last night. It is a 16 foot Crestliner Jon Boat. I am excited to start but looking for any advice. It has a platform up front, I am going to fabricate a rail for lights. How do you all wire your lights...just like a house to plug into the generator??? Is there somthing specail to do to ground the lights to make it safe? I would like to have the option of battery or generator.
  11. Very nice...I think I will copy that...I have had 4 extra tie downs in my shop for about 5 years. Gonna copy this for my Storm.
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