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eskimo quick flip sport


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Im 6'6" tall and its a bit too small for me. Then again most 2 man houses are a bit to low for me. I have a Fishtrap Guide that I really like but its a bit low and hard for me to get in and out of. I guess it may be time to sell it and go to a taller model.

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i use one, and like it alot so far......i am 6'2" 240. i make it a point to keep everything organized, which really seems to free up space. i push the seat back so my feet are in the sled, and there is still enough room in the sled - under and behind the seat for my gear bag ( 12 x 12 x 20 ), lantern box, five gallon bucket filled with propane and other junk, and my jacket. i am able to have two lines down, my flasher, a mr. heater/cooker combo and a lantern all on the ice and can fish very efficiently. for my deadstick i put a berkley quick release rod holder on one of the poles that support the canvas, pointed towards the very farthest corner (which isn't very far) of the house, that way i don't have to worry about holding on to the rod - or loosing it down the hole on a slow grab.....and it helps keep the line from all those hot things that are waiting to frustrate me.

this year though i plan on getting some led rope lights to help free up some more room, i will use them mainly and bring the lantern for backup.

i really like mine, and as you can tell i am not really all that concerned with packing light....and it still works for me.....i beleive that if i am comfortable i will probably put in more time on the ice. grin.gif

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