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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share a little something I do to the slip bobber knot.I put a lighter to the ends of the knot after I trim them.I've had the string come unraveled before and get all tangled up.This helps prevent that. Just touch the ends of the string with a flame for a half a second and it keeps them from unraveling.Just be careful of your line.I've done that too
  2. I use a medium sized cooler to pick up my bait at the bait shop for my winter fishing.For me it seems to keep the water at a good temp.and keeps it from freezing up.Then when I'm done I just bring it home and put it in the basement.If I need to change the water I'll put a couple of drops of De-chlor in and drop an air pump in.But it seems like I never have any bait left.Yeah right
  3. I did pick up a marcum lx3 last year at the ice show for $20 off.
  4. Thanks for the replys.I picked up some 3m elec.tape.It says it is designed specificaly for cold weather use.I'll give that a try and wait patiently for ICE.
  5. I stopped by Thorne Bros.yesterday to look at some goodies for ice fishing.I've got the itch real bad.They were in there setting up some portables and putting out some other ice gear.(made the itch worse).Anyway,I was fortunate enough to pick up 4 Thorne Bros.ice rods out of a clearance bin.I was wondering what type of tape would be best for securing my reels to the rods?Thanks in advance for your response.Bring on the ice!!!!
  6. I'm gonna get rid of the bucket and invest in a gear bag. I would like to check out the Revolution first hand. Who carries them?Or is it an online purchase only?Is there room for the flasher?
  7. I was just wondering if any of you have fished out of a quick flip sport?Your thoughts on size,seating,or anything else would be greatly apprecciated.
  8. My wife loves open water fishing.She is scared of being on the ice but wants to try ice fishing for the first time.I want her to have a good expereince so i'm gonna leave the small portable at home and am looking for a good place to rent a house.Would like something close to the cities as we will have a sitter for the kids and dont want to be to far away if needed.Any suggestions?
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