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DNR forums shutdown


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It should have happened awhile ago. They still have it open for users to get questions answered and they are looking for comments and suggestions for forum improvements. I had an account there but never posted much.

The personal attacks were ridiculous and never ending. Plus it would spill all over the board no topic was safe. It was a handful of members who had a difference of opinion (on one subject in particular)they would constantly turn to personal attacks.

The funny thing is, a number of the trouble makers are still at it, trying to explain it away and attacking the DNR webmaster, only proving the webmaster’s reasons for the shutdown.

Hopefully they can get it worked out. It sounds like it could be awhile.

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That's exactly why we don't allow the attacks here. It just becomes a cluster where a vocal minority ruins it for all.

I believe the DNR forum is between a rock and a hard place. Very difficult for them as a public agency to monitor and delete negative posts without being accused of bias by whichever party wants to bash. I know it happens to us here as well, but at least we are private and can send that vocal bashing minority packing.

Sometimes we aren't popular with those folks but it was never personal on our end. We just can't have the attack posts here.

It just doesn't fit in with the culture we want to build here where....

"We Have More fun"

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Who I thought was at fault would just be my opinion. I’m not going to do any finger pointing. Let’s just say it takes two.

I’m thankful for the position that Rick and the FM staff has taken on “personal attack” posts.

It really made a mess of the DNR forum when one group of individuals would follow each other around on the board just to bash each other.

I’m not familiar with all the problems associated with running an open forum so my opinion may not be based on all things considered, but I think all the members should have been warned about the personal attack posts, and if they couldn’t comply, then their membership should be revoked.

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