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  1. I've got 2 jars of pickles in the fridge right now that should be ready tonight. Nobody at my house is a big fan of sweet pickles so I left out the pickling spice. I added a little extra dill in it's place. They look fantastic and smell even better.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I have the opportunity to get a previously owned, but never used charcoal smoker. I like the idea of charcoal over gas or electric, but I was concerned with how much time I would need to spend on trial and error. Actually that sounds like a good smoker. I want to keep the temp low and slow smoke. How much charcoal are you putting in to start?
  3. How difficult is it to maintain the cooking temperature in a charcoal smoker?
  4. Those shallow running crank baits work great when bass are hitting top water. Most of the time I fish it slower, popping it and letting it sit for a bit, before popping it again, but I also like to fish them with a steady retrieve so they just break the surface.
  5. There are other colors I like to use depending on what type of fish I'm targeting, but chartreuse does work for a wide range of fish. One of my goto plastics for bass is pumpkin seed/chatreuse, but lately I've been throwing darker greens and browns.
  6. I'd suggest Duravanes. They are readily available, not too expensive, and tough. There are a handful of different fletching tools out there, but the only one I've used, and the one you'll see most pro shops using, is the Bitzenburger fletching tool. I don't use wraps so I like using Bohning fletch tite platinum. I've found that super glues seem harder to clean off the arrow than fletch tite.
  7. I currently have 4 different types of mechanical heads and 1 fixed blade. Wasp Jak-Hammer SST, Rocky Mountain Extreme(discontinued), Rocket Sidewinder, Rocky Mountain Snyper 3 blade, and last but not least Slick Tricks. I've taken at least one deer with all but the Snyper 3 blade. All of them performed well. I was a long time Muzzy fan and had a hard time giving them up, but I wanted to get into a mechanical. I think my favorite is the Rocky Mountain Extreme, but unfortunately they have been discontinued. The Rocket Sidewinder was a close second. The last couple deer I've taken have been wit
  8. metrojoe

    Losing Plastics

    I've found the Fat Sinkworms from Berkley to be fairly tough. I wacky rig them the same as the picture posted above except I use a Gamakatsu 2/0 wide gap hook. The worms last longer since I started using the O rings. Has anyone tried the Bass Pro Shop line of senkos?
  9. A 4" Duravane weighs in at 8.8 grains. So the difference between your field point and your broad head is slightly more than the weight of one vane. At 20 yards I doubt you'd notice much (if any) difference in impact point due to weight difference alone. An easier and cheaper solution would be to shoot 90 grain field points. It's not uncommon to see broad heads have a different impact point, but proper bow tuning usually takes care of this problem.
  10. FRS is usually rated to 2 miles and GMRS are rated to 5 miles. That is of course with optimal conditions.
  11. I've never shot a bow without one. It was always my understanding that I shouldn't grip the bow with my hand while shooting because it would interfere with developing a consistent release and follow through.
  12. Marine cb radios and the FRS or GMRS hand held radios don't operate on the same frequency. I bought a pair of FRS/GMRS radios from Radio Shack some 6 or 7 years ago and they work great. They are mainly used on the water (open or hard)
  13. I just use one of those green scouring pads.
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