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Green, White, Checkered?

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All right, not many responses...but here are my thoughts.

For one it is darn dangerous to be tell 43 bunched up cars that they have two laps to decide a race...how many do you think are going to result in wrecks on the first lap and end in caution anyway?

Doesn't it matter to anyone that many of the drivers fear for their own safety and for those reasons argue against the rule?

My rebuttal to the fan that says he paid money to see it end under green is just fooling themself. When you go to a baseball game, can it not be rained out? You pay to watch the race and experience the weekend on the track.

Could this give a driver incentive to cause a caution if the next position car is too far away to catch under normal circumstances? Before you say that wouldn't happen, didn't Jr admittinly spin out on purpose earlier this year for personal gain?

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Jr.'s situation was not the same. He did it to keep from going a lap down. I don't think it was right but he took the penalty and went to the end of the longest line which was better than that of prior to spinning out. Intentional cautions could happen under current rules if your team mate is going to get passed with 2 laps to go, than spin out and freeze his position, right? Green, white, checker one time only is a great way to finnish the race. 2 big concerns come up though. First, Fuel milage will ruin a first place drivers day when it happens. And secondly, they need to be able to race to the checker in order for it to be effective. If the feild is froze upon caution under new system, nothing has been fixed.

Go DODGE Boys......

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I agree not the same, I just wanted to illustrating that drivers are willing to do what ever it takes.

For example, say a car has just gotten his lap back (passed the first place car) with two laps to go. If he spins himself out and doesn't talk about it like Jr., he stays on the lead lap since the field is froze, catches up to the other cars on the lead and gets couple laps to pass a few people for position.

I just really don't like the idea. If they implement a green, white checkered fans won't be happy if they don't also state that they race to the checkered. Which completely undermines the point of not racing back to the caution as they do now. It's my thinking that NASCAR is treading on a slippery slope and giing in too much to the fans and not listening enough to the drivers.

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I think the simplest solution is to not count caution laps when there is ten or less to go.
Also scrap the "lucky dog" rule and let them race back to the flag, unless there is a wreck, mabye they should have a different colored flag for crashes, and the yellow for debris or whatwever...

simul iustus et peccator

><}}}}("< ---><!>

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