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  1. There have been lots of Egrets spearing the trapped minnows in the flooded areas around Minnehaha creek lately, fun to watch and photograph!
  2. Cyberfish

    ID Help

    Yes, there are lots of them in the marshes, I hear them all the time, but they can be hard to spot
  3. Cyberfish

    ID Help

    It was a Sora. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/sora/id
  4. Cyberfish

    ?? Bird

    I was Udderly stumped!
  5. One of my favorite signs of spring!Starting to see the Yellow Rumped around the twin cities area, the others should not be far behind. I was lucky and had one of the hyper little birds to stop for a quick pic!
  6. nice! first of year green heron!! I am still looking for mine, love them!
  7. I never saw any interaction between the loons and grebes, that would have been interesting to see.
  8. hey! Yeah, they were a bit far out for great pics... red heads Two headed duck checking out the hen!
  9. I also saw 200 Ruddy ducks, a few Red Breasted Mergansers, red heads, and a few Loons
  10. Cyberfish

    First Snow

    Nice shots! I have been seeing them lately, maybe I can get around to posting a few pics too
  11. I know someone who had their little dog killed by a GH Owl...
  12. Nice photos! I have been seeing quite a few around the cities this year too
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