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wall tent

smoked perch

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i am thinking about buying a wall tent this fall or spring.
any recommendations on brands, types?
i would prefer to keep it local rather than cabela's.
thanks for any input.

p.s... if anyone is looking to unload a wall tent in GOOD condition, i'd be interested.
possibly a tipi as well.

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Davis Tent in Denver. 877-ELK CAMP.
Nice tents, fair prices. I got one a year ago and am very pleased. Ask them about the various fabrics they use. Because I head up in the Boundary Waters and carry the darn thing over portages, I went with a lighter weight than their standard tents.
If you pick another tent maker, avoid the synthetic fabrics - stick to cotton.

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I will second the opinion on Davis Tent. I got one last fall, a 12x14 w/ woodstove, etc. Very high-quality tent. I've stayed in it in varying weather conditions, as cold as -20F outside. Never got cold or wet in the thing.

The thing that impressed me most about Davis Tent was their knowledge of the subject. I called one afternoon, and the guy talked to me for over a half-hour. Very informative and they know what they're doing.

The initial price of a wall tent might give a person a sense of sticker shock, but let me tell you, you'll love it. The only tent you'll ever need to buy. Camping in a nylon dome tent seems like cruel punishment now!


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It's a bit out of your neighborhood, but Canvas Plus in Rogers (NW of Minneapolis) makes wall tents.

If you're in St. Cloud area, try Great Northern Freight in Sauk Rapids. They carry Army surplus and may have an occasional tent in stock.

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Curious here...

Anyone know how BIG I can get a wall tent?

For deer camp, we have a sort of home made wall tent which works great. Basically a metal framed carport type thing from Northern Tool with a big sheet of plastic pulled over it with some fanfold insulation stuck around the edges.

Sometime soon, we might have to have an upgrade smile.gif

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