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  1. Any opinions as to the best battery for reliable starting of a 4-stroke snowmobile in cold weather? I've gone through 2 different Batteries Plus 300CCA batteries in the past 3 years. Very tough starting the '04 Polaris Frontier in cold (-10 and colder) temps. I've come to the conclusion that I need to use a variety of techniques (trickle charger, block heater) to keep the battery and engine ready in cold temps, including the use of a portable power pack. Anyway, opinions on the good/bad/ugly of batteries out there?
  2. I've got a 90 E-tec (2006) on an Alumacraft Dominator 165CS. This particular boat's max hp is 90. "Overall" I'd say I'm very pleased with the Evinrude. It's lightweight and seems to have lots of power for its size. It's quiet, uses very little oil, and sips the fuel. Early on, I had some problems with sensors (particularly in cold weather) which would self-limit the RPM's on the engine. Ruined a couple fishing outings, and had to bring into dealerships. They supposedly got this fixed and updated software, etc. But I always have the nagging thought of "when is it going to happen again." I've asked other E-tec 90 owners about their experiences and every one of them says theirs has been flawless...maybe mine is the exception to the rule. If I were to do it over again, I would give serious consideration to the Yamaha 90 4-stroke.
  3. Make that 8 Rangers -- although, I live in Duluth now, unfortunately. We'll probably have my rig, Silver Dodge, trailer with a couple wheelers and maybe a P.O.S. snowmobile for good measure.
  4. Tundra, CaptBlaine and I will be at Muskie Bay 1/5-1/7. If that's the weekend you're going to be there, we should compare notes. We're probably only going to be fishing on Crow, although the notion of going into Rowan is interesting. We're planning to bring ATV's...probably not the ideal mode of transport into Rowan?? Cashcrews
  5. cashcrews

    Snaring Rabbits

    I don't believe you need a trapping license for snaring hares. We did this for years, and it was always our understanding that snaring snowshoe hares with picture wire wasn't considered to be trapping per se. Cashcrews
  6. I just picked up my first-ever muzzleloader, and plan to use it for hunting this upcoming weekend. I had it out to shoot and it seems like it could be a lot of fun. In the case of muzzleloader, let's say you're done hunting for the day and you didn't shoot anything. Does "unloading" the muzzleloader mean that you remove the primer only, or should you remove the bullet and powder as well? A follow up to the first question: Is it best to unload by firing in a safe direction, or do you typically unscrew the breech plug and push the barrel contents out the back? Cashcrews
  7. I run a GPSMap 178 in my boat. They don't make that particular model anymore, now they are all color for the most part. I think it's a great unit, and I've always liked Garmin's. I've owned Lowrance/Eagle GPS and Sonars before, which were fine; but I've always preferred the Garmin's. For one reason or another, it seems that Lowrance is way out in front in terms of popularity on this site and others. Cashcrews
  8. I normally fish those pits for the rainbows or lakers, using downriggers. I've seen guys that have caught nice walleyes in there, but I don't know the technique or exact location...sorry. Sledneck, I'd say the DNR maps aren't perfect...there could be some deeper spots. 500 seems to be about right on Orebegone, and I've been in another one that's had over 700. Cashcrews
  9. Sounds like a nice rig, I'm sending you an email if you can reply with pics that would be great. Cashcrews
  10. I believe the deepest natural inland lake, at least partially in Minnesota, is Saganaga and that has a max depth of around 280 if memory serves correctly. Several others up the Gunflint have 200+. The Embarrass Mine Pit over by Giants Ridge has a spot in it that goes close to 700. I'm pretty sure this Caribou lake by GR is going to have a max depth around 150. Sounds like an interesting lake. I'd still stick to the 35-65 foot range, close to deeper water. Cashcrews
  11. I am also a fan of the Lazer. I've had mine for about 9 years now, and I did a blade exchange once during that time (after about 6 years). Mine is a 7" auger, and if anything I'd go with a 5 or 6" on the next one, drilling through 2-feet of ice is a breeze. Cashcrews
  12. About 80 feet down in the winter, fishing for lakers through the ice I will sometimes catch 'em by accident. Usually the weekend AFTER walleye season closes. Cashcrews
  13. I used to snare 'em too, up on the Range. The whistling thing works pretty good too. Another thing about snowshoes, is they run in circles quite a bit. So in other words, if a snowshoe appears to have run away out of sight, just hang in there for a few seconds and it will probably come back thinking it fooled you! Cashcrews
  14. Good2Go, How would you rate Crow for driving a truck on the ice? Would I be asking for trouble?
  15. Thanks for the info. I figured it might be something like that. I suspect a couple members of our party that are traveling up there in a couple weeks will be disappointed. It's not that any of them planned on downing a whole bunch of beers necessarily; but the law is the law, so we'll have to make sure no one puts an "inadvertent 12-pack" into the sled. Cashcrews
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