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"Manitoban's Prepairing To Do Battle"

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A Lot of you are somewhat aware that there's controversy surrounding our resources here in Manitoba. Yes, some of the controversy revolves around "age old treaties" that were signed many generations ago. These treaties were concocted by the governing bodies of that era to ease the pain of displacing an entire culture from their native lands! It was all part of the Indian Act and if were to be honest it was a hugh mistake. The creation of reservations did nothing more than segregate an entire culture from society. After all when people who immagrate to Canada or the U.S. they're not placed in isolation. They simply become part of out society. Unfortunately what's done is done and it's obvious that we can't turn the clocks back in order to resolve this situation.
We have to take a more sensible approach to the issues that we are facing in todays society. Aboriginals with absoluetly no restrictions "gill netting" for substance on "World Class" sport fishing venues simply makes no sense. We as a responsible society must be willing to negotiate with the powers that be in order to ensure the future and well-being of "OUR" resources.
Here in Canada the powers that be at both federal and provincial levels, have been doing very little if anything to bring these issues under control. To date there hasn't been enough public interest or intervention to contest these issues, this simply allows the governing bodies to simply turn the proverbial cheek and aviod the issue. The ostrich when it feels threatened, buries its head in the sand. Here In Canada our politicians display the utmost and unique display of becoming contortionists when avoiding confrontaion. No they don't bury their heads in the sand rather they display the unique ability of burying their heads up their A##@@@@@!
Enough is enough and now the time has arrived to make out voices heard and that's exactly what's now developing here in Manitoba aswell as other regions of Canada.
Were simply fed up with the powers that be who apparently have no sympathy or repect for "OUR" resources!
Stay tuned it's going to get interesting!

Fish "Hard" Forever!

Stu McKay

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WEll said Stu! What's it going to take though for our voice to be heard and more so, something to be done to help the problem?

"Throw'm back"

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Well said indeed Stu!

The political powers that be need to understand the long range picture to the resources and the Manatobian economy. Tourism will suffer, local economies will fail, family's will be in distress.

This issue has powerful effects on the entire Red River basin, and beyond.

The sooner they begin addressing the issues, the better for all.

Keep up the good work Stu!



[email protected]

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Good Info!

I remember growing up the Wisconsin harvests. Our lake went to 1 daily limit walleye. My Dad sold our cabin soon after. Who wants to go to a hard earned retreat to bring home one walleye.

Then to follow, the Red Lake overharvest, and soon to follow, (now), the decline of a great fishery like Mille Lacs. It's sad. Now I see you guys are dealing with it like we have down here. I hope you're government is a little more hardcore on this issue.

Well, short, but sweet! Good fishin guys!!

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