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  1. Thanks everyone! Will have my boat in (to stay) in March. That is a new record. Won't come out till ~November 15. Pretty good for north end of Lake of the Woods.
  2. What's the consensus on warming oil up first. And trimming/tilting while draining? And turning the wheel to the left....
  3. SpecialK, I am referring to engine oil. Is that what you are describing or lower unit (gear) oil?
  4. Motor is a 2009. Was going to attempt to change oil myself for the first time and I can't find my manual. Is the drain plug on the left (port) side of the motor about half way down the shaft? Large hex nut? Once I find the drain plug, I think I'm good....unless there are any other words of wisdom out there.
  5. Email me at duncanATblueheronlaketours.com and I can point you in the right direction.
  6. There are other options for resorts very close to Shoal Lake. Ash Rapids Lodge is 10 minutes away, by boat.
  7. Amazing fishery. No live bait, can't target walleyes, not mapped. Be careful, but have a chance at trophy bass, pike and walleye.
  8. I will second Jeff Gustafson. Good friend of mine, and not too many can keep up with him. If you need a second option, Dave Bennet of wild access. He too knows Shoal/LOTW.
  9. Fishinfreaks, Email sent....can you forward it on to Tman2 and we can stay in touch via email for your next trip up? Thanks. More pics of that area at blueheronlaketoursdotcom Duncan
  10. Things were just fine on Whitefish Bay (LOTW) on the weekend. 11-14" of ice with some slush spots, but nothing crippling.
  11. Tman, yes that was me! Great to meet you guys, and sorry for the scare. :-) We struggled that day. That was our only trout that day. No way to start out the season with a Skunk. Oh well, I live on the lake and can get out whenever I please. Great to meet you guys, and thanks for the gift! P.S. My profile pic is of a 20 lb laker caught and released...right off the dock on our island. Duncan
  12. Ice reports on LOTW/Canada have been hard to come by. Ice has been thin....should be good in the low flow areas....Probably 6-10" is all you will find.
  13. My vote goes to Irish Setter. I have had a pair for 3 years and I use them for everything from snowclearing, ice fishing, hunting, fall fishing, hiking. All leather and good construction. They are 1000Grams Thinsulate. With Polypropelene socks with a smart wool over top, I'm good at -30 C.
  14. You can see some open water on the 12th, but it's all gone on the 13th in that area.
  15. Marknamy, Just posted the link on it's own topic....still within Canada forum.
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