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  1. check out smith glasses....go to their site...best nonscratch glasses I've ever owned....stylish and polarized
  2. johnny, as you know I have a 186....I can get 65 out of it on a good day.....and aaron follows me across leech in his 20 footer on "bad days". pretty good ride, good hull. I am real happy with mine.
  3. Just for the heck of it....try and take a ride in a new dodge 1500. I just bought one a month ago after I told the dealer I would never buy another dodge again. They have come a long way the last few years.....best truck I've owned and I was a ford and toyota guy!! Take a ride, you'll be suprised! And the power is unbelievable, I get 18-19 highway and about 16 town.
  4. If you hire someone to paint...use a 30 year paint....duration sher williams or comparable. If you have the manufacturer do it...insist on that also. It will be worth your time as an average size house is 3-5000 to paint if you contract it out.
  5. smith glasses are the best I've owned, and I've never got a scratch in the 4 pairs I still own. Check them out at smith.com I believe.....great glasses
  6. I've had up to four wolves in my backyard area half mile outside of bemidji. There is a huge black one that has been around for four years and have seen him numerous places within 5 miles. I bowhunt hardcore on state land, I know when the wolves move in, the deer move out. I also shed hunt a lot.....and when I find deer that are killed by wolves, typically the guts are gone and the rest is left for the coyotes. When food is plentiful, they pick out the "tasty pieces" and move onto the next. They do prey on the weak, but that means they prey on a big buck that is worn down and trying to recover from the rut. So typically they prey on the fawns, injured, and larger bucks. They need to be controlled like any species. There isn't even a season on coyotes, and they reproduce the same litters. Things have been tied up in the court systems for way too long, and the activists make a living off of donations and charities. Sad
  7. sled, I'm still waiting for the right tourney to come up for us. You'll have to fish out of my old triton though. Deitz, how do you compare the ride and speed to you're 186?
  8. Carl, I have done the pro side of circuits for a few years. It is not split 4 hours for each person, that is more of a bass club format. That said, the pro has put many hours into prefishing, hotels, gas etc. and he is going to run the show. Unless the format is combined weight, than you will get front boated all day. But being a co-angler, your all in the same position. What I would recommend, is fish slow behind your pro. Senko's, tubes, etc.....just fish slow. Just do the opposite of your pro, unless he's really nailin them and there's plenty of fish. Most pro's know where to throw, due to prefishing, so watch where he hits the water, and you hit the in between area's. Last of all, remember that he has put in the time to find the fish, has the boat, and has done all his homework, good or bad. Try and learn as much as you can, and don't bad mouth him or short him on the gas, even if he is a jerk. You may someday be in his position. Good luck to ya!
  9. hmmm, that's not the story I remember on that buck. Care to come clean?
  10. If you have to ask "how much can I get away with?", rather than concentrating on how can I "HUNT" this animal, than I think you need to spend more time in the woods.
  11. quality management starts with letting the little bucks go. I hunt missouri on occasion, they went to 4 points on one side minimum a few years ago to increase the age class. This also increases the population, as the small spikes and forks can grow another year. They implement an early season youth hunt, which does not apply to the point restriction, so the younguns can shoot a deer not based on the "size" of the rack. If your 40 years old, and your all excited about shooting three small bucks to "fill" tags, then I would say you know nothing about hunting, or you are a novice. Let the deer grow. Iowa also has their deer season after the first rut....they have the crops too...but both states that implement these things have way bigger deer than minnesota. My first year in Missouri, in a week I saw 4 different pope and youngs. In minnesota, bowhunting harder than most, I may see one. That's all I go for...as it's my option, and I for one would like to have more options(big bucks_) Put an antler restriction, have a youth hunt, and move the season a little bit out of the peak rut(typically nov 7-9) and we will have big bucks, and a healthy herd in Minnesota!
  12. Good Info! I remember growing up the Wisconsin harvests. Our lake went to 1 daily limit walleye. My Dad sold our cabin soon after. Who wants to go to a hard earned retreat to bring home one walleye. Then to follow, the Red Lake overharvest, and soon to follow, (now), the decline of a great fishery like Mille Lacs. It's sad. Now I see you guys are dealing with it like we have down here. I hope you're government is a little more hardcore on this issue. Well, short, but sweet! Good fishin guys!!
  13. Hey, I'm just looking for a ton of info. Has anyone fished smallies on the American side of Rainy? What to look for? Depth's late summer? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
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