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Which caliber?


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So, I’ve decided that I’m going to pull the trigger (pun intended) on an AR pistol. This is a novelty buy for sure, but would also like to be able to use it deer hunting if I so choose (yes, I realize that MN is starting to talk about allowing rifles ). I was set on getting a 300 blackout, but now I am looking more closely at the 350 legend rounds. From the research that I’ve done, it appears that the 350 round is better balistically in the short configuration and also looks to be cheaper to shoot with less recoil. Has anyone on here had experience in these two calibers?

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I know we have folks visiting here in the know. Anyone care to help out here.


Even if you're not a member of HSO yet, feel free to help out.

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     .300 AAC blackout, its a very versatile round. It was designed with the intent to replace the 9mm MP5 used by US Special forces. They wanted a round with higher performance but with the same decibel levels. Subsonic Blackout you almost don't need a suppressor.. ....this is from a recent article:


"The .300 blackout in its own right with no comparisons is an awesome cartridge. It gets compared all too often to the .223/5.56 NATO because it was created by trimming and blowing out the case to .30 caliber. While this gives you an idea of the power level it doesn’t give credit to the cartridge’s extreme versatility and wide range of the .300 blackout’s ballistics.

If you’d like to shoot subsonic suppressed ammunition pop in 230gr rounds that have the same energy as a .45acp. Want to go hunting? Load up a 125gr Nosler ballistic tip and you’ve got a 300-yard deer rifle . If you want a home defense gun, screw on a suppressor and have a hearing safe zero flash signature rifle for fending off intruders.

You can do all this by just changing bullets. Keep your rifle, scope, sling and magazines and all you need to do is change ammo. In fact, you can keep loaded mags of supersonic, and subsonic rounds ready to go in your truck or gun safe and be able to do almost anything you could with a rifle.

Finally, if that’s not reason enough to shoot the .300blk it’s designed to be shot through a 9-inch barrel. Every cartridge has a point of diminishing return where the barrel length isn’t worth the energy gain. According to the people who designed the .300blk, Advanced Armament Company , 9 inches is the barrel length they were shooting for full potential. This isn’t to say a 20-inch barrel won’t be faster but you can expect full rifle performance from a 9-inch barrel." - Understanding the 300 Blackout and Why This Cartridge is so Popular (February 2021) (tagearplanet.com)


I've used them predator and hog hunting....resulting in cutting a Fox in half literally and stopping big Texas boars in there tracks.

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I ended up going w/ the .350 Legend vs. the .300 BO. I am happy with the decision! Recoil is minimal (Less than my Savage .243) which is awesome because my 10 and 11 yr olds can shoot it without being scared. I am hoping that the .350 isn't just a fad. Shells have been easy to come by and was actually able to pick up an entire case of target loads for $100 last summer. I used it in MN this year w/ 150 gr Winchester ballistic tips. Next year I am planning to move to 180 gr. I am actually looking at getting a Savage Patriot bolt action in the same caliber.

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