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Pheasants in late November ???

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Is the pheasant season still going strong in late November?  Some friends brought up an idea to go out after MN deer season is over, but I'm wondering if it is "worth" it.


Please don't respond with generic answers like: its always a good time...  I only have so many vacation hours and vacation dollars i can use for hunting, so im trying to figure out if I should just hunt ducks locally or make a trip.




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I suppose it all comes down to what you think is worth it. Depends on what part of the state your heading to, public or private land. We've been out thanksgiving weekend when bird #s are up and hunted both, when you see one you might see a hundred, especially if there's some snow. Think thick, and almost Un walkable. ...and you'll have fun. About that time waterfowl is usually wrapped up anyhow. 

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Is the pheasant season still going strong in late November?

The pheasant season goes strong until it closes January 3rd.

There are many benefits to a late season hunt:

crops will likely all be out,

sloughs and water will be frozen providing new areas to walk,

fair weather hunters are done for the year

temps are cooler and easier on the dogs

hopefully snow is on the ground makes birds sit a little tighter and tracking easier

The cons:

birds are much spookier and educated

crunchy snow makes too much noise

any windy day can make for a long cold day


my favorite time to hunt is late season

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best time to hunt pheasants in SD; the later the better.  Last year between christmas and new years, we had snow, and were well past freezeup; most guys had transitioned to ice fishing and we had easy hunting.  This is the time of year when a lab that likes punching cattails is invaluable.  2 days in a row we had a 3 man limit of perch and a 3 man limit of pheasants.  Can't beat that!

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