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  1. Thanks for sharing Duff, I've given around 200 serranos away at work with lots more on the vine yet among other peppers so I think that's what I'll do with the rest. Last year's dehydrating didn't pan out..
  2. I would cut the cord in a heartbeat also. The only TV I watch is basically in the winter time , evening news or some Vikes games. The Mrs on the other hand, has to have her channels ..
  3. I don't know smurf, if I'm gonna dump grass clippings on the garden I'd use my own. That way I know there's no herbicide or weed killer on the grass before it was cut, a buddy told me his neighbor killed off his whole garden by accident that way..
  4. RH would like the swedes. Fried taters too boot!
  5. Looks good big D! Will we see you behind the counter??
  6. Thanks for sharing Bob! I usually do a dry rub on jerky but ill try yours!
  7. After a minor rain delay we gotter done. Beef kaboobs marinated in Dale's seasoning for a spell then sprinkled with pepper. Nekkid spuds with a Caesar salad!! I are full..
  8. It's been awhile since I looked but I believe the premium comes with the better grate also.
  9. Man does that backstrap look dynamite huntnfish!!
  10. Nuttin fancy , the oldest was over when he heard bacon cheese burglars and football. I gave him fry duty..lol.
  11. Scary stuff for sure guys, I learned quick on how much our springer of the past could handle of baby aspirin. After a long day of chasing roosters ( at age 10 with arthritis) decided to give her an "extra" and holy moly did she vomit blood. Its 10 o'clock at night so let's just see how she does I told the wife, she did good the rest of the night but Monday the vet said that's how they gauge on what dogs can handle as far as aspirin goes. One more thing a fella i used to hunt with tossed chocolate covered donuts to his dog alot, he said no big deal, its the good chocolate..
  12. Hmmm, I picked up a bag last weekend at menardos myself. Over all it looks fine, we'll find out i guess.
  13. Hate to change the subject but it was flank steak sandwiches tonight. Sautéed veggies with the steak pulled at 145 to rest a smidge. Served on a bun loaded with homemade chipotle sauce. Third time we've done this this summer, wish i had a link..
  14. Dang, and here I thought I was off a little with a peanut butter fried egg sammich... ?
  15. Looks and sounds great guys! Been awhile since I put thighs in the cast, seasoned them up with what I had, coated the pan with oil and did my best to sear. Thought I would need some broth but was plenty of fatty goodness in the skin. The natural light fought me a little on pics and oh yeah, momma had baby reds and plenty of other veggies in the oven..
  16. Looks good fishingstar, we ended up putting a cluster of butternut squash in a corner of the garden and that sucker is taking over. Runs from one end to the other with not much room to maneuver, but lots of squash will be picked this fall.
  17. Great advice, we'll do the same. I also told her not to fill it too much..?
  18. The chain of lakes were on have lots of shiners in them. That being said the game fish still feed on em, I just try to match in plastics this time of year, especially scented swim baits.
  19. Noticed today the squash and zucchini were starting to rot at about 4" long, Google says they are lacking calcium. Had some gypsum pellets on hand that i worked in and watered. Anyone else run into this, maybe the whole garden could use some?
  20. The wife says I'm not cool enough but gonna try it anyhow!! ? Thanks for the idea!
  21. When we pulled in they said we wouldn't fit, I paid the 8 bucks anyhow. Just wanted to see what the hype was about driving thru trees in the Redwoods. I had a little more room yet..?
  22. Wish I had canon's camera on this trip.
  23. No protesting otta the kids tonight on dinner.. Swedes n fried taters. ?
  24. Yep, been wrapping spuds for years with bacon over charcoal, I can't see why not on the smoker. Let us know how it turns out..?
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