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Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips


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Hunting from a deer stand is an age-old Texas tradition. There can be many instances, when hunting from a tree stand simply is not a feasible option for your next trophy whitetail deer hunt. Whether you have experienced an injury that makes climbing a tree stand difficult or you have experienced a few too many hunting seasons and your knees simply no longer want to cooperate, a pop-up blind can be a great way to take advantage of a whitetail hunt. You might even be surprised to find that such blinds can offer their own unique set of advantages.

Among the most important of those advantages is that such binds can be set up quickly and easily. Also, due to their lightweight nature, they are also extremely portable, which is definitely an advantage over a tree stand. Depending on the type of blind that you choose, you may be able to benefit from not only concealment but also protection from rain and wind.

It should be kept in mind that you opt to hunt from a blind, it is important to realize that you will need to change your strategy somewhat. Whitetail hunting from the ground is not the same as hunting from a tree stand. With some advance planning, you can perfect the skills that are required to manage a successful ground hunt.

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Take that Texas post with a grain of salt, if I could pour food on a road like they do in texas quite often and set it up 150 yards away it would work well. I just asked at our hunting camp how many of us have fired out of our ground blinds over the last decade, we all looked at each other and said 0. We stay warm is about it, we rarely see deer, being at eye and nose level with them, they do not like it, it's unnatural. We've tried a lot of different theories with them, we've brushed them in etc., our weather up here to leave them year round for the deer to get used to you'll have garbage soon, we tried deploying them on the icy swamp right after rifle season and the 80-100 deer in there are avoiding them like the black plague so can they work sure, do you need the right situation yes. If I was on a large warm year round ranch like in Texas sure u bet. Big disadvantage is ability to hear them.

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Don't want to be Debbie downer but don't want an inexperienced person that hunts our state to think this is gospel and fork a lot of money into ground blinds. That 2nd paragraph really has nothing to do with the actual taking of a deer, just how easy it can be on yourself, my grandpa had a permit to shoot out of his vehicle, maybe those are no longer in play. With some advance planning it says, well 99% of the Texas deer hunting shows I see rely heavily on "strategically" placing bait and mineral just inside your effective range usually just right on the road or trail itself, that's the strategy down there on extremely large parcels of land.

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I havent hunted out of an elevated stand in over 20 year. For me the key to ground hunting is mobility. I hunt public land and the first thing I do if i'm hunting a new parcel is hit google earth for a airiel view to identify food sources and bedding areas, followed by a walkthrough of the property to find trails. On opener I get out there well before sunrise to get set up on promising spots. All I bring with is my trigger stick and a folding chair. I have only eaten tag soup once and that was not for lack of seeing deer. If I were to get a ground blind my choice would be a Ghost blind.

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