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  1. Asked the remaining 5 ladies 0/5 none of them buy a tag but 4/5 husbands hunt. Not calling tip could turn in the mayor of the town etc. Will let a higher power decide their fate for killing gods creatures needlessly in time. All of you that can lie on here and act like you know no 1 bending the rules cmon. Your baitpiles should work good this year in a no or low acorn year. I just pray your gun jams or the scope falls off.
  2. I think the way it sounded some did at some point at least sit out there or at least be home because you had to go uptown to register. Most were chest puffed happy to share in all their different levels of cheating. Some said apples, we store acorns, corn, birdseed, pumpkins. 2 said their husbands get em before the poachers do by hunting the Friday night before season laughing. The 12 all said they butcher their own. Oh well why worry now this has been going on for many years, maybe that 2nd buck tag is the way to go so us that can't screw our natural resources laws over can drop a 2nd one lawfully and legally or I could "party hunt" with no party around until tagging time. Like Dave said at least they are spending the $ on a tag, well most of their kills anyway.
  3. Informal I know but I asked 14 women at work today if they buy a deer license for their husband to fill, 12/14 said yes ! Most said they are many miles away during opening weekend and since you can phone register their husbands say nothing to worry about. This is normal. So heck with 2 bucks just get your wife a tag like the hundreds maybe thousands do in this state and you're already easily set for 2 bucks or more there is no limit really.
  4. Got a theory for you guys to try, last weekend and beyond this has been $. We set a real for sure decoy spread not wanting to fool any and set up about 250 yards away same field playing the wind and roosts from where they'd come. Highly pressured birds I'd guess. Previous hunt they were in 3-20 flocks and all wanted to flare us and did plenty, we did get 7 the three of us. So I convinced the guys to set blinds where they wanted but set a huge quiet spread a ways away and boy first flock of 8 were at 10 yards and 5 feet. The next batch we were done. They all flared the spread and came for this ridge, but didn't quite get there. Cut corn disced and chisel plowed isn't much food in it but they want it for now. If you have flare itis but landing same field it's hard to not have 1 guy in the spread but can have on the deck if you have the right situation.
  5. Better stock up quick, friends report selling out all they had at a fleet over the weekend, seems odd as you have to REMOVE all bait tomorrow ? Must just be stock piling it for after season.
  6. It would mean, all over my dads area/local sections of land, that each husband would have 4 buck tags every fall easily sparing his last one if he likes late bow hunting or muzzleloading. A bad winter or two would put a lot of pressure on what deer would be available. I don't know about a 2nd buck tag, why'd you shoot the first one ? But hear your point and glad there's some sort of topic up here 10 days before we load our big irons. PS. Use your phone to log in sometimes, there's some interesting like commercials to view.
  7. O.T.C.

    Double ugly

    Let's not forget ZIM has no offense in his mind, why we hired Norv who has shown very little creativity with our game plans then again do we have much for threats offensively ? Bet Norv wants to draft some offense which we did with Re-Treadwell. Where's he at ? Is he hurt ? Did he make the team ? Cmon, we were Minnesota due for a stinker. Gladly take 5-1 heading to Chicago, it could be worse and it's a new week, but we need to be 6-1 after stinky Chicago.
  8. Pheasants are do I dare say thick around here. Issue is hawks are killing them. We watched a hawk flush bird after bird and it tried and tried, finally killing a hen. Was telling my son out raking about it before we saw any pheasants flush that they are tough on pheasants, young turkeys, ducks etc. and sure enough lol. But, that's the great outdoors and a part of it. I should've been hunting that hayfield, easy walking loaded with birds why idk standing corn is the bordering field.
  9. Beans are gone, can see many ruts made by the equipment, no corn happening some fields are flooded badly yet in spots, the only gone corn is by the few that chop for cattle and even then some had to avoid the mud/standing water this is an hour north of the metro. Congrats on the doe, got me thinking tenderloins and backstraps.
  10. Isn't hunting fun ? There are so many clowns out there in every county. I wish you luck and understand the type you are dealing with. They own it all. How someone can steal a stand is beyond me, I guess you are either that type or you're not. Hopefully they get caught, get their names in the local newspaper, and have to cough something up for a fine.
  11. Duck has been insane, I wish guys obeyed possession limits though, they limit out every day same field same spot, found hundreds of empty shell casings, I have permission there and 1 other guy but he brings 3-4 guys and they pound it Monday-Friday so by the weekend it isn't so great anymore but it just refills with greenheads but oh well, it's been a crazy duck year, poor farmers no corn coming off here at all and with last nights rains just re-filling these depressions in the standing corn it'll be awhile for sure unless they want to combine the parts of the fields they can. Saw dozens of mallards going to their deaths this AM again. Now come Saturday when I can finally get out it won't be so solid, they are getting pummeled, but man what a sight really, looks like 1985 again.
  12. Before someone can't read between the lines I'm kidding of course, as early as fawns surfaced around here this spring it sure seemed a lot of local does were bred before rifle last year and it doesn't surprise me much to hear that happening already. Good Luck this weekend guys, tomorrow should be good conditions according to accuweather.
  13. Agree Bear 100% my stands are in these ratholes, you must pay your do's, fill your boots, and put in the time when the wind is right. It takes time in the Winter also (frozen) up to do what you can to increase the odds for the following year. These beasts so rarely make a daylight mistake at least my decades of trailcam pics 95% are not in legal light whatsoever even out of season. Once the bugs freeze out in those ratholes go the mature boys.
  14. After listening to Tom Reid and the pre-season games they sounded pretty ugly overall with Colorado having their way with us a few times, Listened last night, sounded pretty ugly on the radio, if early indications mean anything it could be ugly, a hot streak will come but how long will it last ? Don't have a lot of faith then again the league overall teams seem fairly equal in a way so many have some sort of a shot at it.
  15. Better push bow hunting out of the rut. You must be dreaming everyone knows the bucks don't start rutting until rifle opener.
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