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Flipping and Pitching?


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Hi. I just read an article that described the tecniques of pitching and flipping. I still don't get it. Can someone help me out here? Thanx

Peace and Fishes

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The point of flipping and pitching is to accurately and as quietly as possible, drop a lure into a pocket in cover or to target a sighted fish. With practice you can get quite accurate. I used this technique before I ever heard of its proper name.
God lyk!

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Pitching is for 20-30 ft. type range when you require a very soft entrance into the water and need to be accurate.. like pitching docks or milfoil pockets..

start with the lure in your hand (enough line out to get the lure to your reel), put a little tension on the rod tip and with your rist pitch and swing the lure low to the water to your target. just before you contact water, pull back to give that soft entrance... It is shorter than a cast, more accurate and quieter than a cast as well.

flipping is for close range less than 20' That is where you use your hand on the line between the reel and the first guide to control how when the line is released and when to cut off the flip... you get the momentum for the flip by swinging your rod tip and let go with your hand on the line between the reel and the first guide... as the line goes out, you can slow it down to hit your target by feathering the line with your release hand. Flip'n is for heavy cover where accuracy is crucial... perferct for flip'n milfoil pads where you need to hit a small hole...

Hope this helps...

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This is one of my favorite techs, watch Bassmasters to pick up on the tech, allot of the pro guys fish banks and docks this way.
Before you do this on the lake practice in the basement or driveway or whatever. This will cut down on the number of docks and pontoons you hit, nothing will clear bass off far and wide and [PoorWordUsage] off a lake house owner like hitting a pontoon with a 3/4 ounce bass jig.
I use a 7 foot MH rod with the handle cut short, you want a heavy rod when working docks and heavy cover. I use 20 pound mono, the heavier the better.
In the winter I practice in the basement a couple of times a week so I have gotten pretty good at this.
Have fun with it and practice, you'll get the hang of it pretty quick.

Have a good one!

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I can't do the flipping part. Maybe I'm not coordinated enough.

I do like the pitching part though. Everyone pretty much covered it, but I want to add a vital piece that made a world of difference to me.

When pitching the jig/bait try to have the jig/bait swing as close to the water as you can. This way when it does hit the water it will only cause a little splash. Too many times I try to swing it hard only to have it 5 ft in the air and it comes crashing down or gets hung in a tree or something.

Picture an elongated pendlum swing (spelling?)

My .02

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