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  1. cwmn

    Wisconsin Opener

    I was out in Amery on Sunday, all water open in town and the flowage water is high and will be higher by Saturday. Good luck.
  2. From looking at your pix it's is plain to me that you should not have parked there. You may want to pay up because a judge may get mad when he sees your pix. Sorry just my opinion seems pretty obvious to me.
  3. I have had the X-67 for three years now and I like it allot. I have never had a vex so I don't know how they compare. The main reason I got the Lorance was that I needed a graph for the boat and a ice fishing rig and it fit both good. I have not had any problems with it since I got it, it is a good unit. CW
  4. cwmn

    Pitchin' Flippin'

    I practice in the basement in the winter, it may be a good way to introduce yourself to baitcaster, it will teach you spool control and give you a educated thumb. Start with something heavy like a jig and work your way down to a 5 inch worm. Best way to work docks and shorelines. CW
  5. If your driving on the ice no matter vehicle type, you and you alone are responsible for your safety. If your kid is driving on the ice you and you alone are responsible for your kid's safety. Is it important for fishermen to not leave obsticles on the ice? SURE! But it is more important to practice persanal responsability and to ensure that people you are responsible for do the same. I have driven on many lakes in my time and have never had a problem picking out un-safe areas to stay away from, because I drive slow and I watch where I am going. Driving on ice is always dangerous, you must expect problems and by ready to deal with them. Sorry about the sermon, and the spelling. CW
  6. I did this with my fish trap lite, stitch the velcro to the canvas with needle and thread, I actually used fireline. I also did the chain thing and it worked pretty well. The velcro won't hold against a strong wind. Good luck
  7. The grass is always greener.............. It's just fishing guys. CW
  8. Your hole?????? Other than the fact that you drilled it, it is only your hole when you are sitting over it. Unless you actually heard the CO say something to the other guy you don't know anything. Quit bashing the CO, everbody talks about the CO's and bashes them, if your not doing anything wrong then be respectfull, show your license, and remeber to thank them for their service to the state. Ever done that. And quit acting like you own the lake, it belongs to all of us.
  9. cwmn

    Any Reports?

    Was out early, 5 AM, lots of boats on Demonterville, don't know where they were parking. Anyway, caught 4 fish all males, saw lots of big girls cruising around the beds, threw everything in the boat at one for 15 minutes and she wouldn't evan look just kept swimming back and forth in a 10 by 10 area. Left at 10:30, too much wind for a slow bite. Tons of gills on the beds a couple evan managed to fit a 1/0 wide gap and tube in thier mouths.
  10. Sunnyj had it right. It interesting to me that the biggest 2 pet peeves seem to be the territorial thing and the guys who don't like people setting up too close. We can't have it both ways. My pet peeves are people who don't follow the law because they don't take the time to know what the law is. That covers just about everyones pet peeves. Follow the law and respect others. Thanx CW
  11. I've dreamed of the car mounted depth finder for many years, if someone could come up with a working model they would be richer than rich.
  12. I use a 5 pound tank, fill for $2.50 to $5.00, I use a hose that fits where the diposables fit. This is cheaper then buying diposables and MUCH MUCH MUCH safer than re-filling. Saving a couple of bucks by re-filling isn't worth getting burned or worse.
  13. 6 years ago I had surgery for a herniated disk, took me three years and the help of an amazing Chiro in Woodbury (Vally Chiro) before I could evan get back in the boat, man that was a LONG three years. Now all is good, still have ocasion hip and leg pain when I over do it at work but other I am good. I truly hope you find a answer to your problem, I would never wish that kind of pain on anyone. Good Luck!!!!!
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