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ATV, RV fees and titling increase July 1


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besides the licence for your fishing boat trailor, that says; put it on the tounge of your boat trailer and "remove old licence plates from boat trailer" more good news;
As of July 1 fees go up;
ATV registration (except snowmobiles)
3year reg $19-$23
and transactions fees will increase for rec vehicles or watercraft titles $2-$4.50
Sterns-Morrison Enterprise-tuesday July 1

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Thank you for the information.

The rest of the posts have been zapped. This topic has nothing to do with the merits of the existance of ATVs or canoes.

Enough of the silly stuff. If anyone posts in this forum to incite bickering, not only will their post be deleted, but I will move to have you removed from FishingMinnesota.com altogether.


Ray Esboldt

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This message is in no way meant to incite bickering or to disrespect anyone. My point is, in light of the recent legislation that requires the state to designate ATV trails, that program will cost money to administer, and bring it into compliance with the legislation, In my opinion, the funding should come from the "users". We are seeing a shift in state revenues to collect more user fees, and I would say it is safe to assume that the future will bring more and higher user fees, as more voters oppose tax hikes.

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>In my opinion, the funding should come from the "users"

Unless that user is a hiker or biker that would never do anything unlawful or harmful.

We are ALL "USERS" in one way or another, I am willing to pay my fair share as long as ANYONE that steps foot on that trail pays exactly what I have to!!!

Enough Said!!!!

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