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  1. Canon Guy

    Len 2018 Photos

    Very nice photos!
  2. Canon Guy

    Your Three Best Photos

    Great photos everyone! I can't pick out 3 favorites, but I like these 3.
  3. Canon Guy

    Take a Walk With Me

    Very cool series!
  4. Canon Guy

    Pond Life

    Great series!
  5. Canon Guy


    Very nice capture!
  6. Canon Guy


    Wonderful shots!
  7. Canon Guy

    Rip Prince

    Thanks Deitz!
  8. Canon Guy

    Vacation Picts

    Nice photos. Must have been a great vacation.
  9. Canon Guy


    Nice! Good to see.
  10. Canon Guy

    Rip Prince

    Thanks for commenting! A few more.
  11. Canon Guy

    Rip Prince

    From outside First Avenue
  12. Canon Guy


    No sir, It was me just standing in a little water taking the shot. That area usually has can produce some amazing sunsets but not this trip, at least not when I was out looking for one. Thanks for commenting.
  13. Canon Guy

    Moving Water

    Really nice images! My favorite is the wider angle one.
  14. Canon Guy


    Bingo Leech! Yes Mike it is very nice.
  15. Canon Guy


    Cool! I hope you had a great vacation. It was our 3rd time at the Pacifico, so you can tell we like it there.