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  1. My neighbor out target shooting yesterday. Don't tell anyone in the gun control thread.
  2. Guess I won't be photographing the fair this year
  3. A friend down the shore owns a conversation piece.
  4. Letting my client know I am dropping off photos while social distancing today, and having a little fun at the same time. . A entertaining job it was.
  5. A little disappointed because I likely would have been shooting the Governor's Opener events this weekend. Hopefully get a chance next year since they are having it in Otter Tail county again.
  6. I also have been using Fireline since it was released. It performs well.
  7. I won't fish this weekend, but I am excited that I can if I want to. Probably will wait until later in the week. There was a time I would get up and go out with temps in the high 20's, but that time has long passed. All my active rods are Fenwick's and all of my spinning reels are Shimano.
  8. I use right handed retrieve, but mine are all spinning reels.
  9. Those look nice. Just one of those rigs likely costs more than I spend all fishing season. I literally make one trip to Fleet Farm before my first trip to the lake then replenish as needed at Ben's Bait in Battle Lake.
  10. Awesome variety of photos. I enjoy these little guys
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