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  1. I just spoke with the DNR office in New Ulm and she said that she could get the permit for the first tourney pushed through on a "rush" in a week, 2 at the most. With that being said, is there anyone else that wants to get in before it is too late? If we can scrape up 3 more boats, it would make my re-think this whole thing. I would prefer 20-25 boats but can live with 17-18.
  2. It is disappointing, I put a lot of work into this and take nothing from it. The fact that I can never get enough boats to fill a tourney sux....there have been a lot of questions and phone calls from guys and teams that say they are in but I did not get the entry forms. This is a hrad decision, but based on people trying to put together vacation and tourney schedules, I had to make a choice. Let it ride with a few teams or cancel. Any suggestions?
  3. I have some vacation time in the middle of June and am looking for a good place to take the 11 year old son Northern fishing. Anyone have any suggestions as to where we could go and maybe camp or hit a resort for a couple days?
  4. With all the early interest, I thought there would be a much better response to the change of lakes and dates. At this point I am at 14 teams and that's it....we could still get permits, but for the sake of those waiting for a final answer, I am going to have to cancel for this year. I thought we ran a pretty fair show and a great payout but that doesn't seem to be enough to get the entries needed to make this pay off. If you have sent me an entry, I will send them back this week. If you have any questions or someone else wants to run with this, give me a call at 612-387-8110.......I am dropping the home phone as of the 14th.
  5. BassAholic, I got yours and Meyer and Meyer. 14 entries right now, waiting on 1 more to make it 15.
  6. I will make some calls this week end and find out who is in and who is not. I did not pay for permits yet because of the poor turn out the last 2 years. I did get a bunch of new guys in this year but have many from last year that have not sent me an entry yet. No entry from: Howland and Howland Meyer and Meyer Larous and Mays Schmidke and Morgan Miska and Jackson Shetka and Hauer Hatland and Hatland Spears and Thompson Nordrum and Nordrum That is 9 out of the 14 from last year that are not in as of now. I thought at least 6 of these teams would be in this year. With those guys, we would have a good turn out but with out at least 6-7 more I will have to cancel and send back the ones I have received. Not sure what else to do here, I got 6-7 new teams in but now 9 more drop. Is it the economy or just a bad tournament series? I changed up the dates and lakes as people requested and now I get a worse response then last year????
  7. I do have fliers made up. I have sent them to the teams that were in last year and you should see them by the middle of the week. I will start going through some old entry forms and sending fliers to these teams from the past.
  8. Web site and entry forms are updated. Info should be on Classic soon.
  9. Here is what I will update the HSOforum and submit to classic...... June 3rd - Cannon June 24th - Cedar July 15th - Washington Aug 12th - Jefferson/German (can not change due to conflicts) Sept 9th - TOC Web site will be updated this week end and I will send this to Classic as well. If you have fished this before, I will give you a call after I have the entry form updated.
  10. Bassburch.......go for it if you think you can help fill it up. Let me know what you need and you are more then welcome to promote the [email protected]@@ out of it.
  11. I am more then willing to change the dates and TRY to promote AGAIN, last year and the year before I sent out well over a 100 flyers, left entries in bait stores, got the info on classic and ended up with 14 boats. Not sure what else I can do. It is a lot of work, I don't pay myself other then the entry and expenses and when I answer phone call after phone call and e-mail after e-mail, sending out flyer after flyer to big talkers that never get in, it is disappointing to say the least. This site has a lot of good connections and seems to get the word out. Just curious as to what the word is???? I don't want to spend the money on the permits for a dozen boats. Ditching Lura for Cannon seemed to spark some interest. I will update the HSOforum and throw it on classic bass this week end. If there are other forums you think I need to post on, e-mail me and let me know................
  12. I do not have the schedule finalized yet, if we can't get enough boats I am not spending the cash on the permits. Lets see a show of hands, who is in????
  13. Tentative Dates: June 3rd June 24th July 15th August 12th I FINALLY got the HSOforum working again! Open to the first 25 boats. Best payout available! Free entry for following year to Team of the Year! If you would like to see different lakes this year, let me know ASAP. I have not sent in for permits yet. I would like to see a few more boats this year. If a lake change is what it takes, let me know. Bob
  14. Everything is set and ready to go......still have openings if anyone is interested
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