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Shotgun coyote

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Had a pretty eventful night last night.

1st set had two lite up straight North of me. I was scanning with the binoculars and saw them standing straight downwind about 200 yards out. I moved the gun over and hit the light and they took off. I tried to stop them but when they did they were behind some weeds along the fenceline. I never saw them agian after they crossed the fenceline.

2nd set I ended up calling in a grayfox that ran by and wouldn't stop for a shot.

3rd set I set out the caller and called for 5 minutes when I heard something coming through the brush. I hit the light and saw the gray run behind a cluster of trees 30 yards from me. It didn't come out the other side and then took off back where it came from. I took a running shot and hit it. I tracked it for a hundred yards or so and it crossed a fence where I didn't have permission. It had been making 6 foot bounds so I assume I kill it. I was seeing a lot of fox tracks while I was tracking it so I walked a little further to a pond and figured I'd try agian. I put the caller out on the ice and went back to the reeds on the shore. I turned on pup distess and let it play. After 10 minutes I saw a dark spot moving along the far edge. I put the light on it and kept it in the halo. It turned and made a bee line towards the caller. It kept coming in and I was thinking the eyes looked too far apart and as it neared the caller it picked up some speed and the next thing I know, I hear teeth on the plastic, caller goes flying, coyote bugs out and the gun goes off as she somersaults across the ice. Nice way to end the night. Hopefully the wind won't keep me in tonight.





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Grayfox, that is an awesome picture. I have started to coyote hunt and have only been out once. I have not and likly won't buy a legitimate varmit rifle for a while (need a muzzleloader and a new bow first, priorities) but wondered if I'd be able to get them in close enough to use my 12 gauge with 00 buck. You have inspired me. I have a marlin 10x22 with iron sights but I also like the idea of bringing them in close. I went out last Friday where I deer hunt and did some calling (regular mouth calls). I have the coyote call and the dying rabbit. No luck but I was excited just being out there. I have seen many tracks along with coyote scat and even seen a few cottontail rabbit tails laying around. I will be giving it another go on Saturday night. Any advice for a guy that knows little to nothing about getting started such as do I need to get the decoy, electronic call etc... to have a snowballs chance in getting one of these wily critters in range? Thanks and I love your pictures.

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Great stuff Grayfox and looks like your filling the freezer with fur once again.

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