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  1. Makes a guy wonder how the MINNESOTA MOOSE POPULATION is being counted. I have my own opinions but they're not scientific. I only spend countless hours in the woods every month.
  2. matchset


    It should be a great show. Looks like you like hunting shows just as much as me, minus the part where they shove sponsors down my throat. Drury outdoors has really become "sponsor heavy" in their latest videos; ie...Ram trucks, Under Armor, and Ozonics. Kind of annoying. Just my 2 cents tho
  3. Camera date is correct. This pic is from August of last year.
  4. Pics like this keep me coming back to the well for 1 more drink! I live for August and Autumn. I love bowhunting and big velvet bucks
  5. Meat was delicious. FLICKER meats in white bear turned much of it into sausage and burger for me! Mmm tasty!
  6. Results are in, the buck I harvested last fall was aged in the lab is 10.5 years old! I am truly amazed. I knew he was at least 8, but 10 years old truly is amazing!
  7. A big collector buddy of mine has this beauty! 98 6/8" it's off the James Albring buck. Shed was hanging in a barn for years. Enjoy !
  8. No free doe tags..and 1 buck tag. It's a step in the right direction.
  9. refer to the sentence immediately following "let's wake up".
  10. http://youtu.be/hFn-j9nE7kI http://youtu.be/SDs2X21kna8 2 videos of a button buck on it's death bed. 1 while it's still alive and the other was taken the next day. Let's wake up! We can't chalk up every dead deer we find this spring to coyotes.
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