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Biological twins

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If I did this right you should be able to follow the link to a previous post with explanation.

Really quite simple to do if you have a lot of time (which I do) patients (not so much) and can accept failure on a very regular basis. Failure, I find is something that I have excelled at most of my life. You only get to see pictures of the stuff that turns out kinda nice...

I've seen a lot of beautiful work on here and have received much information that has inspired me.


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Reel is attached with 2 sided tape, 3M VHB. VHB = very high bond. I have found that some of the reel choices of recipients require some minor modifying so as to insure a good bond.

Although this piece of equipment (rod & reel) is fully functional, some care is required in using it. It's all how one takes care of there equipment. Nothing sadder to me then a guy carelessly tossing a rod in a bucket that contains many other items free to rattle around. Well, that's another subject and I don't want to go there... sick


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Those are really something, be hard for me to use being so beutiful, but i dont by equipment to put on the wall an look at, how would that bond hold up in cold weather or would it be a system to use in a perm. house wher its controled temp. primarily where i fish. Really awsome work.

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Boar, thank you for your comments and questions.

When these rods leave, I always share with the recipient that there could be failure on the adhesive (tape) with out proper care and handling. I encourage recipients to please bring them back if they have any trouble. By no means does one have to baby them, care for them, yes.

I personally don't have one. I did have one a few years back but a gentleman who seen me using it was so intrigued by it and wanted it so bad, I reluctantly sold it to him on the spot. He commissioned myself to build him 5 more that he gave away as gifts.

I'm not sure as to how many handles/rods I have put together but I will guess it's over 50 and under 100. I've had 5 or 6 come back for new reel adhesive. One has come back for a broken tip after the dog got tangled in the line and dragged the rod across the lake although the reel stayed in place. Another one has been back 3 times for broken rod ends and reel adhesive replacement. The brother of this guy has shared with me that he does not take care of his equipment.

I know this probably doesn't answer your question but I suspect you might be a little more caring of that beautiful rod that Chad created for you because it's special... wink


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