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  1. Thanks for everyones input. I've had a belly ache since I posted this. I spoke with my neighbor since posting this and asked her how she knows if canned things are spoiled. She said one can tell by all the normal signs as in bulging, leaking, color, smell and taste. She assured me that her mother on the farm has things older. She claims the pie is perfectly fine just like the one she made me in December. The December pie she made me and I consumed was from the same 2006 canning season. I'd like to think of it as aged fine wine but I don't think I will be consuming more "apples" pie from 2006. I'll keep it around for a couple more days if anyone wants samples.
  2. I have a dear neighbor who needs help here and there with little things. I do what I can for her. At 62, she is not old by any means and quite healthy. She grew up on a small farm an hour or so west of Minneapolis. She has been my neighbor here in north Mpls for 30 plus years. Her mother still resides on the farmstead. In return for my help, she will bake me a homemade apple pie. I've been enjoying her homemade pies for sometime now and find them most delicious. I was recently at her home helping with the assembly of a storage rack. Upon completion and setting the rack in place she accidently knocked a canned Jar of sauerkraut off of another rack. She quickly scampered for the broom and some cleaning supplies as broken glass and sauerkraut was strewn about. I noticed the date on the jar lid was from 2011. I asked her how long canned goods were good for. She explained that there's no magic number but you must inspect it before use. She went on to say that the canned "Jarred" apples that she was using for the pies she made me are from 2006. I've shown no signs of illness previously from consuming these aged "apples" and have now received another Pie yesterday. I'm mentally holding back consuming and can't find a satisfactory answer from Mr. Goggle as to aged canned goods. Appreciate thoughts and or experiences. This is the old way of canning --- in jars! P.S, Alamode is excellant! Thanks for thoughts.
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    Can I do something or

    Thanks to all for the advice and help. Significant improvement with performance after working with the suggested malwarebytes free version. That computer stuff is not very easy. Thanks again. Scott
  4. I've been out of town for a couple weeks and came home to what I suspect is a computer virus. My home sitter while I was away (Son) claims the computer starting acting funny about a week ago. Nothing but pop ups and redirects. Is there something I can do or purchase other then going to a service? I have run my Norton software to try to solve the problem but no luck. Thanks, Scott
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    Empire Heater Problems.

    Make sure that the inside of the thermostat is free from any obstructions. A few years back a friend had similar problems. He found that he could get his furnace to work if he tilted the thermostat one way. Of course he had to tilt the thermostat back to get the furnace to shut down. I explained to him (with limited knowledge) that there is a mercury type switch inside and he should probably check it. Upon inspecting, we found a small square piece of what I will describe as packing foam. It had become wedged in a position that would not permit the mercury bubble to operate correctly. Hope this makes sense and helps... Scott
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    Thank you all. I have had some success with the info provided. Names A thru D transferred before seeing "transfer fail". I need to walk away for awhile. I was afraid this devise would start to consume me. My brain functions/capacity's are much more receptive to digging random holes with a shovel or fashioning a slingshot and plinking bottles and cans. Rowing a boat is something I really excelled at along with skipping stones...
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    Answers; 1. Yes to data plan. 2. Service will be provided by Verizon. 3. Samsung Convoy U640
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    Pauls Trout Rod

    Nice touch with the worm holes Chad. A few years back a fella brought me some ash he reclaimed from a Wisconsin barn erected in the 1880,s. He pulled the blacksmith nails and wanted me to expose the nail holes in a handle for his fishing rod. It took several attempts but he was finally satisfied with what turned out. Your a master Chad. Always enjoy seeing your creations. Back up your pictures fellas. I've lost countless pictures by not backing them up and only storing on the computer. Scott
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    Here's the short questions. How do I transfer contacts from my Samsung flip phone to a Samsung Galaxy Centura smarter then me phone? Can I take it somewhere to have it done? The rest of the story. I retired in 2006. My wife wanted me to have a phone. I relented and reluctantly accepted one after much pressure. I average 77 minutes used a month and 90 percent of the calls I receive are from her, my wife that is... My son's recently gave me a Tracfone after they found out how much that average 77 minutes was costing my wife. > $50.00 a month. They assure me that the cost will be noticeably less. Bless them boy's for trying to help out but I didn't want, nor do I need a smart phone or any phone for that matter. I'm not a Luddite and very much appreciate technology but the possessiveness of these communication devises is somewhat troubling to myself. None the less, I hope to make all happy and get this devise up and running and get all the contacts that I never call installed so I can leave my new phone, as I did my old phone, in the truck or on the kitchen counter or where ever I leave it. All thoughts and advice are appreciated but it would probably be best to advise where I could take this thing to have someone younger and smarter <(is that possible? ) to get me set-up... Thanks. Scott
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    Cotton Candy Rod

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    Biological twins

    Boar, thank you for your comments and questions. When these rods leave, I always share with the recipient that there could be failure on the adhesive (tape) with out proper care and handling. I encourage recipients to please bring them back if they have any trouble. By no means does one have to baby them, care for them, yes. I personally don't have one. I did have one a few years back but a gentleman who seen me using it was so intrigued by it and wanted it so bad, I reluctantly sold it to him on the spot. He commissioned myself to build him 5 more that he gave away as gifts. I'm not sure as to how many handles/rods I have put together but I will guess it's over 50 and under 100. I've had 5 or 6 come back for new reel adhesive. One has come back for a broken tip after the dog got tangled in the line and dragged the rod across the lake although the reel stayed in place. Another one has been back 3 times for broken rod ends and reel adhesive replacement. The brother of this guy has shared with me that he does not take care of his equipment. I know this probably doesn't answer your question but I suspect you might be a little more caring of that beautiful rod that Chad created for you because it's special... Scott
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    Biological twins

    Reel is attached with 2 sided tape, 3M VHB. VHB = very high bond. I have found that some of the reel choices of recipients require some minor modifying so as to insure a good bond. Although this piece of equipment (rod & reel) is fully functional, some care is required in using it. It's all how one takes care of there equipment. Nothing sadder to me then a guy carelessly tossing a rod in a bucket that contains many other items free to rattle around. Well, that's another subject and I don't want to go there... Scott
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    Biological twins

    I truly appreciate all the kind comments. Although the handles may have a different look, the rods are fully functional, with should I say, a more mature approach and care... Thank you. Scott
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    Biological twins

    If I did this right you should be able to follow the link to a previous post with explanation. Really quite simple to do if you have a lot of time (which I do) patients (not so much) and can accept failure on a very regular basis. Failure, I find is something that I have excelled at most of my life. You only get to see pictures of the stuff that turns out kinda nice... I've seen a lot of beautiful work on here and have received much information that has inspired me. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2898744/Been_Quiet_in_here#Post2898744
  15. Here's a couple formed out of Bocote and Michigan Rock Maple. They are married to Thorne Bros 26" Quiver-sticks. Reels are attached with 3M VHB. Scott