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  1. FishinFreaks

    Morson Conditions

    Nice! Good work on the crappies!
  2. Any word on snow conditions in Morson? I have no doubt of the ice conditions. Just wondering about snow.
  3. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    Holy moley. Where did you run into the slush? Was there quite a bit of snow?
  4. FishinFreaks

    Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing

    Nice! We didn't make it up for lakers. Too cold for us to make the long run from Morson up. Hopefully later this winter we'll get up there to WFB.
  5. FishinFreaks

    Ice Around Morson?

    Bwaahahaaa!! That Mad Mulcher is a funny critter!
  6. FishinFreaks

    Ice Around Morson?

    Anybody know anything recent up there?
  7. FishinFreaks

    Ice Around Morson?

    Thanks, HCJ. That's awesome. Is that west of town or east? Do you feel like you could go most anywhere that there's not current at this point?
  8. Wondering if anyone has access to ice reports around Morson yet. I know it iced up at Mylie's a few weeks ago, but I'm wondering if it's all locked up and making ice. Anyone?
  9. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    That's quite the fatty with the crappie!
  10. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    Bueller? Bueller?
  11. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    Any word on the snow conditions around Morson?
  12. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    Yah. That place sure has gone down hill, fishing wise. I had to wait up to 15 minutes between bites a few times.
  13. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    I've given up on Morson. It's clearly been fished out.
  14. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    How much snow ended up in the storm this weekend around Morson?
  15. FishinFreaks

    Any Morson Reports?

    Thanks for the reports. I know lotsa places up there, but where is fish narrows?