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  1. I'm headed to Illinois next week and will be there for two weeks for work. Spending that much time in a hotel is going to drive me crazy! I'll be staying near St. Charles and the fox river. Seems to be some decent fishing for a variety of species. Would it be worth it bring my rods and spend some time down there this time of year? If someone with a boat has an open seat I would have no problem filling it... Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I made some of these this year for my GM rod bag. I have five setup in the bag this keeps them tangle free and protected. Also very cheap to do. I would like to get a rod locker type storage but they take up so much space in my Fish Trap Pro...
  3. I too have had a failed percussion cap, that's no fun at all. I bought an inline the next season. I hunt the ML season because it gives me more time in the woods and it gets too difficult to sling arrows when I'm all bundled up. It's not industries job to teach heritage. They are there to make money and the best way to do that is to make things more efficient. You don't see many rifle hunters using lever actions or slug hunters with break action shotguns. Some state have regs against 209 primers and sabots. I don't think it's the states job to regulate heritage.
  4. I don't hunt 240 so I don't know what is available for tags. If it's not a bonus area the three hunters that tagged bucks during the regular firearms season would be done. If they were party hunting it could be different story, cross tagging bucks is legal in MN. Maybe that is a law that should changed if you're concerned about the "buck hogs"? Zones and permits control the harvest not a scoped ML...
  5. Do you honestly think there a is a large population of hunters choosing not to hunt the ML season because they can't currently use scopes? LMAO! I doubt there would be any significant increase just if scopes became legal. The sport is growing in population regardless of the laws. You forgot option C... C) All of the above
  6. Thanks for the response SH. I'm not the least bit surprised your two sample sources would have varying opinions. I could also put a good guess where each one falls When would said potential changes take effect? How long does it take to go from research to implementation?

    ATV Plows

    On the wheeler I use it's got a Cycle Country plow. It's got two hitch pins the hold the plow to the brackets, and a winch to raise/lower the plow. Very simple, and quick mount/dismount.
  8. I would use a scope if given the option. Where do you draw the line? How many of you that oppose scopes for ML still use a flintlock with a conical? Just like archery hunting, if you want to traditional use a recurve! Bag limits and zones will control the harvest regardless of the method used to take a game.
  9. Not to pick on your or your survey but... If this survey, at this point in time, is being used to make a managment decision about the Little Falls Area shouldn't those that reside/fish that area be the ones taking the survey? I just think that data you're gathering may end up being skewed by allowing anyone to take the survey. Someone that may have have never fished, or ever will, a lake you manage may be very bias. I understand your cause but would have liked to see some questions relating to where you reside, and the remainder of the questions specifc to lakes in that managment area. This site is also very pro selective harvest, which will impact your survey results. I just hope your collecting some good data from all the HSO users taking this.
  10. Just finished taking the survey. Is the data you're gathering being used just for the Little Falls Area Fisheries?
  11. I've been using a size # 10 treble (although #8 or #6 are probably good too) with a 12"-18" flocarbon leader. I tied up a few rigs on a spool with 6,8, and 12lb test depending on the mood of the fish and if pike are present in the area. To mark my depth I always use a small split shot. I set the flag really light, when I get bit the line will slowly peal off from the extra weight of the split shot. I don't want that fish to feel any resistance once they pop the flag.
  12. Sorry I typed that wrong... They are stored on the device memory in the system files since it's a stock app. A stock Android device will not allow you to view any of these files unless you have rooted your device. I would try clearing the email app data. Locate the email app under, setting>applications>all>email and clear the data and cache. Or just remove the account and re-add it. I'll check out the GSII pop email tomorrow at work and see if I find anything different. Window device were notorious for the deleted items issue you're having. Except, they kept a deleted folder for text too!
  13. Awesome setups! Dare I say, almost too good to fish with Love the handles, could you tell me how you made them?
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