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Saint Paul Dan

All Purpose Rods

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I've noticed in fishing shows in recent years that some bass anglers are using more of a basic set-up used for multiple applications. A lot of shows will have a log that lists the equipment used during a fishing show and it seems more often that pro anglers are using the exact same rod/reel combo for different lures. Sometimes they will have different line, but same rod/reel. For example, they will promote a 7' MH rod and a moderate speed 6:1 reel from their sponsor and then switch lures and promote the exact same rod/reel. I've even heard some guys say they like to use the same rod/reel for multiple applications so there isn't a big difference in feel when switching between lures.

These pros are obviously sponsored and can have any rod they want but, it seems like there is a trend towards using less specialized and more all purpose set ups. I know rod companies all have technique specific rods that all have different specs which seemed to be the trend forever... But is it possible that bass pros are using more all purpose rods/reels used for multiple applications? thoughts?

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Good point. A 6'9" drop shot rod? I think that rod could be used multiple ways, other than shaky head/drop shot. I prefer 7' or longer rods just about for everything and have re-tooled my gear to multi purpose usage. Fishing walleyes, smallies, northerns, etc (most of the time out of the same "hole" requires something that will handle them all) or else I would run out of room in my boat.

On the flip side, I do like that there are so many options available to all anglers today. When I was a kid, a 5500C and a 5'6" boron rod with a pistol grip was "living the dream"...LOL

Marketing is a good thing. Good for the sport.

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Hiya -

I had a funny conversation with cjac from this board the other day. We were talking about new reels, and I told him I was trying to convince myself that I didn't need to buy a new reel, and managed to convince myself I actually needed TWO new reels...

I'm a big believer in having the right tool for the right job. The right rod/reel/line combo for deep diving crankbaits isn't the right combo for jigs or Texas rigs. You fish more effectively, and frankly, fishign is more fun when you aren't fighting your equipment by making it do something it can't handle.

But you have to balance that against what you actually DO as an angler. I have rods that are set up for a particular technique, but are very capable of doing spot duty at other tasks I don't do as often. I throw swim jigs a lot, so I have a combo tailored just to that technique, but it's a good enough finesse jig rod to fish them for as often as I use them. I don't throw swimbaits much, so having a rod set up just for that wouldn't make much sense, but I do have a rod that I can throw them on if I need to. That equation changes over time. I used to have a rod set up just for Carolina rigs, but I don't use them as much as I used to, so now I just use a rod that gets close enough to function even if it isn't ideal.

This is also balanced against the fact that when I want to switch techniques, I want to just pick up a rod and fish. I hate retying and rerigging, and I have the rod storage space available. So I probably carry more rods than I need to just because I'm lazy. smile

Rick Clunn when through a fairly long period where he used the exact same rod and reel and line combo for everything he did. I think it was a 7' Heavy rod with a 6.4:1 reel and 17# mono. His reasoning was that if you change the feel, weight, balance and behavior of your rod/reel/line every time you changed lures, you weren't as able to really be in tune with the lures themselves, whereas if all other things were equal, what you felt, speed control, etc., was all focused on the lure, not the delivery system. I don't think he does this any more, but I know he fished that way for a long time. It's an interesting idea, but then again...Clunn is a little 'out there.'

Still, if you forced me, I could probably make a pretty good living with a 7' MH fast action rod, a 6.3:1 reel and 15# mono, and a 7' M fast spinning rod and 8# fluoro.



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Yes, I did like your thinking on that reel purchase justification..... grin

As said, it's the three part deal of rod/reel/line that can make a decent day a really good one. RK schooled me this fall because he had a 7'6" ML spinning rod and 6lb mono vs. my 6'10" M with 10lb, he had longer casts and his jig reached fish up on a flat that my set up wasn't. I still say front of boat helped but so did the longer casts. LOL! Trip #2 I brought my ML action longer spinning rod with 6lb mono and had success on that particular technique, and had more fun.

The right stuff really does make it more fun. If golf rules allow for 14 clubs in a bag, all with a situation-specific use, then we can sure justify all our rod/reel combos...

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