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What an Experience!!!


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Great weekend on the ice and it started on Friday spearing with Archerysniper and I was happy to see that he could get his spear wet this year. I think it was the first time that I had not seen a fish this season.

A friend of mine asked me to head north with him to do some fishing this weekend up in the Longville area and I said I would go but was going to set up the spear shack.

I got set up on this well-known lake that has a 24-36 inch slot on it and also has Muskies swimming in it. All I can say it was one of the best times I have ever had spearing.

The clock said 11:00 am by the time I got in the shack, and it was warm, warm enough that you didn’t need the heater on and I dropped a fake decoy down and a red/white spoon down fired up the HB spinners and I looked at the spoon and sure enough a 20 inch pike slides in to inspect it . I figured its fair game so I stuck it for the pickle barrel, thought to myself this is off to a great start.

The canvas on the sides of the portable were very warm to the touch as the mid-day sun beat down on it, 15 min had passed by when I noticed a flash of color in the hole, it was a pike and a big pike over the 36 inch mark but it just passed by the outside of the hole not to return. Now the blood is pumping spearing for 20 min and one on the ice and a big one passed by not bad, well it only got better from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

I saw 15 pike that ranged from 18 inches to 38 inches most of these pike were in the 30 to 35 inch range. Some of these pike may have been the same ones, but I know that at one time I had three pike that were 8-10 pounds each in the hole at the same time but they didn’t stay long.

Once the evening rolled around a few walleyes started to cruze the bottom of the lake. In all I saw 20 pike and 4 eyes on Saturday. And I took 2 pike that went 21.5 inches for the day leaving the big girls swim another day. I have some pictures but they didn’t turn out the best.

Sunday started spearing by 8:30 in the morning and started seeing pike right away and the first one had a noticeable bulged in its belly this fish was probably 6 lbs. with a 3lb. fish in its belly. Then the action started to heat up with big pike after big pike chasing my decoy.

I ran a lone decoy pretty much both days and they only seemed to want one of two colors of my Dewey’s decoys the yellow orange or the shiner style one. I tried several colors and different spoons and they seemed to only want a single decoy down and a fast swimming decoy with a bit of flash. No live decoys were used as a matter of fact I didn’t even purchase one.

This was a slot lake and I had a blast. I didn’t stick any big fish and what I had hoped to accomplish was to video a couple of bigger fish coming to the decoy and I did just that.

For those of you afraid to venture out on a slot lake because you might spear a slot fish then don’t go, but if you would like to see the reaction from some aggressive bigger pike I would head to one soon and have fun . That’s what this is about, having fun on the ice. I didn’t have to spear a big pike to say that I had fun. I speared two pike under the slot and was waiting for the right pike to swim though the hole.

Everyone I talked to said be careful as there are a lot of muskies in this lake and a couple of the said they see quite a few. I saw one and it was a monster and it just hugged the bottom of the lake and swam on by without a care.

If you not checking these lakes out your missing out on some great action.

I know I can't wait to get back there and watch that kind of action again and I guess there was a football game on but this was the best game in town In my opinion.

Here a few pics from the past weekend, I hope to get some vids up soon




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Very nice! I'm glad someone is seeing this as an opportunity and not an inconvinance. Thank you for this post, and thank you for taking some small ones.

Welcome to the darkhouse spearing forums Yooperguy.

Hope you get the urge to pickup the spear at least one more time and give it a try again....


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I speared quite a few northern pike on a 24"-36" slot lake. Fairly easy to tell fish under 20 inches and those in the slot. For the borderline fish where it was to close too call to throw the spear, I would just reach down and grab the northern with my bare hands and measure them!

No brag, just fact.

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