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  1. quickfishnoob


  2. quickfishnoob

    Will it sink?

    I have it staged and ready to go on the shore and probably could push it out by hand. I have what looks like 4 inches of ice.
  3. quickfishnoob

    Will it sink?

    How much ice do you need to feel comfortable putting your perm shack out there? I have a 4x6 made from 2x4s and thick plywood. Its on the heavier side. Im thinking 7-8 inches.
  4. quickfishnoob

    Bank with no snow

  5. quickfishnoob

    Bank with no snow

    So I have finally acquired a perm shack. 4x6 with 2x2 hole in center. Loving it. Anyway quick question regarding banking when all of the snow has melted. Oh and long time no talk.
  6. I suppose I should chime in here (considering my handle). I really like my QF3. Definitely need some kind of floor covering be it carpet or whatever. I personally prefer having a floor (thanks for your help on that end Laska) keeps your feet warm and makes getting close to the edge of the hole a little less spooky.
  7. quickfishnoob

    what are the best decoys?

    PGF decoys are the best.
  8. quickfishnoob

    Recap of 3rd Annual Get To Gator on Winnie

    What is the date for 4th annual Winning GTG?
  9. quickfishnoob

    some strange suckers

    Those sucker decoys are beast PGF, and they swim like, uh well, fish.
  10. quickfishnoob


    Thanks for posting!
  11. quickfishnoob

    First decoy

    Well PGF weighted it and one his decoys has one a Nord Lord (2011 Winnie Rengel) so I hope to e in good shape.
  12. quickfishnoob

    First decoy

    Thanks for the comments. I have it all varnished up and ready for the water. Hope to maybe get out there on Monday.