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What is it?


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You can find the Sparrow trap online or look up on utube on how to make one. You must check the trap evey day. You will catch eveything in it. And Dark don't let the Monkey play with it.full-36143-28544-imgp1550.jpg

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why a sparrow trap?

I won't speak for WDH as I'm sure he has his own reasons. I have a trap like he has as well as another non-repeating trap. I have them for several reasons including keeping house sparrow numbers down in the livestock barn and to lessen the number messing with the occupants of the bluebird houses. The males in particular are vicious and will kill tree swallows and bluebirds on the nest, in addition to building their own nest right over the top of them.

WDH is right about catching anything and everything in them, even mice. What I use for bait varies with the season. This time of year I bait with corn screenings and am careful to empty the trap when something other than sparrows are trapped. Yesterday I had to remove a chipping sparrow before the house sparrows did bodily harm to him. During nesting season I use string, feathers and other assorted nesting material. That's fine in the barn but I found with the outdoor trap I kept catching female orioles. I disable that trap until after nesting season is over now.

Trapping has been very effective for short term control. Luckily house sparrows are pretty dumb and if there are sparrows in the trap, it attracts more. The problem is that if the neighbors don't practice the same level of control within a year or so when they overpopulate there, they move back in. The house sparrows are very adaptable here. They didn't used to mess with the suet or thistle seed. This winter they're picking at that too in addition to the black oilseed sunflower, which way back some were convinced they wouldn't eat. They are survivors and I put them in the same league as carp, kudzu, cockroaches, rats, mice, and feral cats.

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