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  1. DARK30

    Mr Ruby

    I'll try and put together a clip of the recent visitors. Heres a still capture of the Ruby.. And a couple others...
  2. DARK30

    Mr Ruby

    I've been getting Ruby on video the last few days...Be nice if we still had a HSO video host!
  3. Found a few but very spotty and many are past prime too. I don't think they're gonna grow much today
  4. That there looks really good!
  5. Too much grass to mow! But I did find a few goodies
  6. That there is a beautiful guest!
  7. Lots of goodies to play with but the recipe I got years ago called for finely minced onion, barbecue sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. I added the creamed horseradish
  8. No minnow buckets or foam take outs here Good Luck Everyone
  9. Boring by no means! 3 to a pound sizzle burgers on the menu tonight. I blend the ground beef with some extra goodies I was thinking morels under the swiss but maybe next time.
  10. I nuke the Lutefisk but walleye?..thats just wrong
  11. A whole ounce of dried morels for $20 ...and no wood ticks
  12. DARK30

    Root River

    Got into a few fish on Friday and headed home after Trout Day sat afternoon...Now its time to think about walleyes An old Mill site nestled in the woods beside a stream...very cool! These beaver munchies can wet the inside of your waders in a hurry Back This Summer Sometime.
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