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  1. LeeKen

    Need help with an ID

    Looks like a ring-bill gull, hard to be sure.
  2. LeeKen

    Another ID

    White Crowned Sparrow
  3. LeeKen

    Purple Invasion

    I sometimes get Purple Finches stopping on their way through the area, but nothing like the 100 or so Purple Finches that showed up over the weekend.
  4. Nice shots Greg. It is always fun taking people out there. Next time we have to hit it when the sun is shining. Thanks for the thank you card.
  5. LeeKen

    Spring Backyard Birds

    So after a looonng winter of the same birds in the yard, it is good to see some of the old gang come back. One of a dozen male Purple Finches in the yard today!
  6. LeeKen

    Spring cleaning

    I saw this Pileated taking his spring snow bath. It's the first time I've seen a Pileated do this. Later it became apparent why. What we won't do for the ladies!
  7. LeeKen

    A Few Snowy Shots from The Weekend

    Beautiful bird! Great shots!
  8. LeeKen

    A question out of the blue.

    Interesting. Thanks guys.
  9. I was walking today and notice blue tinted snow. It looked like windshield fluid had dripped on the snow. Twenty feet later more blue, it appeared at least six times that I noticed. All spots were areas that multiple deer had passed through and there was also deer droppings and urine stains. There was no signs of recent human activity. Anyone ever see this before? Any explanation?
  10. LeeKen

    Fuzzy Foot and a Smile

    Very nice! I enjoyed all your Snowy posts. Thanks!
  11. LeeKen

    Return of the Owl

    I'd say you nailed them. Love the shot of him launching!
  12. LeeKen

    Big fish!

    Quote:but I just wish the darn thing had not been so close to the boat because it made it tough to frame. On vacation, in WARM Mexico, on the ocean, in a sailboat, with one of God's largest creatures putting on a show for you, taking a fantastic photograph, and you found a way to make it sound like there was a problem! Don't mind me, I'm just near frozen (propane heat) and jealous! Great Shot!
  13. LeeKen

    Preening Snowy Owl

    Nicely done! What a great year for owls!
  14. I have never seen a Common Merganser in January. Do they often hang around open water in the winter?
  15. LeeKen

    First Snow

    I have been able to see this bird and another Snowy multiple times. I went out this morning hoping to get a few more shots. The fog rolled in just when we were getting cameras ready. Still a fun morning.