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Late Summer Cold Fronts


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What tactics and locations do you guys switch up to during these late summer cold fronts? Especially the ones with a good amount of wind. Do you stay out of the wind or try spots only where the wind is hitting if the waves aren't too bad.

Thanks smile

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Hiya -

First off, IMHO, the first day after a cold front usually isn't too bad. Wind might make boat control a chore, but the fishing can be pretty decent. It's day 2 that's a killer.

This time of year, at least for deeper fish, the good news is they can be pretty bunched up. If you had fish located before the front, they usually don't go too far. You can kind of park on them, and pick the area apart - drop shot, vertical jig with a tube, dead stick a creature bait, stuff like that. Their strike zone really shrinks, so you have to be pretty thorough.

If you have to go find them it can be a little tougher. I tend to fish with a reaction bait like a crank or a heavy jig that drops fast and try to trigger a strike. Then slow down in that area and see if there are more fish there.

I hate cold fronts.

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I gotta say - I have really been struggling this summer overall with bass, and I went out this morning not expecting much due to the colder weather and what not. I ended up having by far my best morning of the season. As RK said, they were deep, and when I caught one, I caught a bunch. All they wanted today, at least the lake I was on, were crankbaits. I'm pretty sure there was A LOT of luck involved since I'm definitely a novice bass fisherman and it sure was nice surprise, but I'm sure glad I picked today to take a day off work.full-39059-23381-hoist20.jpg

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Nice one, Bobby! I was out this morning too but hit the reed patches and some docks. Had some luck but really not the action I was looking for - my best went 16". Got them on swim jigs and plastic worms.

Regardless, it was a good way to spend a no-overtime day.

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Possibly the best (worst?) movie of all time - it never gets old.

Thanks Legatto! I was hitting a lot of little ones all day long...like, 12 inches and under. Small size, high volume. Then WHAM, that thing which was exactly 20 inches. Next cast WHAM!! Another one that was just shy of 20. 12 or so feet of water. That has never happened to me before in my life and after that I was way too giddy for a 32 year old man.

Beautiful morning it was regardless...I love the feel of fall in the air.

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