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  1. I'm not a fan of fishing in that type of water. The West end of Prior Lake looks the same right now
  2. So, who's going to the pond this weekend? I plan on leaving the house around 6am, Probably fishing the East side
  3. Had to be a pile of rocks in that 28' of water, right? I mean SOMETHING to hold the fish. Was it a deep point or hump or what? That's the stuff I'm trying to learn. If what I'm doing isn't working I want to be able to look at a contour map and say "Let's try here". Sure I can side image to try to put it together even more but where's the starting point? On a side note: I fished what I would call a hump this weekend that topped out in about 10-12' of water, little to no weeds on the top. On the side imaging it looked like a sunfish bed (it wasn't but thats what it resemb
  4. I use a Zoom Fat Albert or a small swimbait 100% of the time, They should both last several fish at the very least
  5. I also got out Wednesday and have a similar report as rascal23. Due to the wind I tried to stick to protected areas, got a few blow ups on frogs but couldn't connect. Finally tried fishing some rocks in 18fow, Got a nice one on a jig and 2 more on a grub. The deeper stuff was difficult to fish with the wind
  6. I'm signed up to be a marshall. We'll have to get together. If I'm not mistaken they don't fish on Saturday, something about the Bass University. Anybody have info on exactly what's going on Saturday?
  7. Haha, you win some and you lose some. I'm getting back in the saddle tomorrow night hoping to change my luck
  8. Sunday my buddy and I decided to drive 60 mins to scope out a lake, after much debate we decided to take his boat (we both wanted to fish out of our own). So I set my alarm at 5:30AM, Wake up at 5:00 to the sound of thunder and light rain. I grabbed my rain gear but wasnt to concerned because the previous evening I checked the hourly forecast and saw rain with only a slight chance of anything stronger until about 10am. So we hit the road, turns out the weather man was wrong: We wait out the worst of it at the launch and finally put in the water around 9am. Launching was not easy
  9. Anyone been out lately?
  10. The 735 might be the best frog rod on the market right now. I love everything about it
  11. Anybody have luck fishing off the bank on lakes with low water clarity (2.5' or less)? I've always just hit docks, laydowns, and emergent vegetation on lakes like that since a lot of the time it seems like the weeds wont grow to deep. Thoughts? Sorry about all these "off-shore" questions. I just got a GPS graph on my bow with mapping and now I'm kind of obsessed with fishing away from the bank...
  12. I was out there again, throwing a 3/4oz jig. Still nothing but dinks. That lake is infested with dinks, I was snagging them in 16 f.o.w.
  13. ^^^^ That is something I go back and forth on. In my head a Jig is just a better big fish bait, when the fish are biting.
  14. Thats a good point, Ive been in 14'-16'. Tried using a 3/8 and 1/2oz jig and I struggled to "feel" it.
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