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question for lwnmwnman2

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I am starting to get things in the mail for fertalizer services. Do you offer that service? I have sod thats 8 yrs old and I live next to woods, so I was starting to get a lot of weeds in my yard last year. Ive been using lesco pellets for about 3yrs but I need it sprayed for weeds. Is that something you do? I have a typical city lot size, what would a full year of service run? P.M. me if you cant or dont want to put prices on here. Thank you!

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I'm not a sponsor, so I don't use this site for work leads. I'm here because I enjoy helping others "go in" and do things themselves if they're able and willing, so you can tell the wife (or hubby for the gals on the site) "look how nice 'I' can get the yard".

Also, we're 98% commercial, only doing residential work if it's tied to a commercial property that we maintain.

The large national company will probably charge you around $35-50 / application, but then try to upsell you on everything from thatching to aeration to too many applications.

I know it'll be hard to locate a service, but you can always go to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's HSOforum and look up licensed contractors for a city.

It'll be under pesticide licensing, I can't remember the exact link.

You can just type in a city, and it'll list all of the contractors in that city with valid licensed applicators.

You'll probably be around $60-70 per application for herbicides, however most will want to provide the complete yearly service.

The biggest reason to so the contractor knows what is being applied at all times. It's quite difficult to apply one thing, while another company or the homeowner is applying another.

Hotrod1, Tom7272 (I believe) and others here use Lesco products as well. I know the herbicide prices can get quite high for the typical homeowner, especially with how little chemical you actually use, but I always suggest getting together with a brother (in-law) or two, a couple of neighbors and split the cost.

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Yes I have used the LESCO and it seemed to work better than anything else I've tried. If you want to nail something other than crabgrass you can get a lot of mileage out of a sprayer and some weed-b-gon concentrate mixed correctly. I suspect you could get enough for a couple years worth of spraying for $50 including the pump sprayer. I'm a long time do-it-yourselfer and I would never ever ever use those spray gun doofus's with the trucks. Overpriced, spray way too early IMO and just want to keep coming back year after year.

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