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  1. Deer flies attracted to the highest point, so put a stick in your hat and a large ball of sticky tape. They are also attracted to dark colors, preferably blue.
  2. Same here. The Exo Zombies is about the best Zombies there's been.
  3. If you run Chrome as your browser, you can download Remote Desktop on each and access that way. I used to use LogMeIn, have used gotomypc in the way back, and now just use Remote Desktop from Google. It's free and works GREAT!!
  4. You will need black dirt (or decent top soil) for decent grass. I live a bit east of you, just north of Wyoming. Still sand here, no sprinkler. You'll never have a decent yard, sod looking yard. If you put irrigation in, you'll need to be on a well, as the amount of water you'll need to keep the yard green won't be cost effective. For an acre of dirt, graded, AND seeded, should be about $2500-3,000. It would be up to you to keep it watered.
  5. Looks like the share play error on PS4 has been fixed. When playing split screen on PS4, you would get kicked and have an out of memory error. It was due to Share Play on the PS4 system. Thursday there was a system update, and then an AW update and we've been able to plow plot screen without getting booted since. Game plays the best out of all previous versions.
  6. Have you tried Chrome as a browser?
  7. I must be raising my kid right. We sit down and play, and he shows me the glitch, shows me how to quick scope, but then says "yeah, I could exploit those, but I don't. The game wasn't made to be that way". Brings a tear to my eye just to type that.
  8. Flapjack says it's the easiest game to quickscope in since MW1
  9. They have a exo survivor mode we haven't played yet.
  10. I'm on PS4. Had it pre-loaded so started right in with multiplayer at 11 pm tonight. I played for an hour with the 9 year old, we are both rank 10 with real crappy shooting. Inbetween matches you can go to the firing range and try guns while you wait. When you match is ready, it sends you to the match. Very, very smooth, no glitches at all. You gain stuff by getting "supply drops". I've already got a gold gun. The better the color, the better the gun. Gotta go to work, so headed to bed. If you've skipped on the last couple of CoD, for the first hour review, I would be all over it. The jumping thing, it comes into play in games like infected. We played infected, Team Death match and a couple of games of Kill Confirmed. Didn't see anyone way way out of line with their ranks, although I'm sure by 8am tomorrow there will be people prestiged just from tonight.
  11. We have ours downloaded with all of the update files and bonus materials. My boys are watching the countdown timer during the TV timeouts for football games. Looks like there's stuff completely different than everything else. Thought we would have a hard time downloading, took about 3 hours to download everything. Other than that, we will see what the servers are like at 11 pm tonight.
  12. We will be downloading it in about 20 minutes. Pre order gets to play tonight at 11 pm CST with bonus map, bonus equipment. Pre download is available and you can play at 11 pm.
  13. I'm telling Caleb and Jack to tell my wife she should get me an early birthday present.
  14. Federal and state laws are .04 BAC in a commercial vehicle. If you get a DUI (in a commercial vehicle at .04 or regular vehicle at .08) you lose your CDL for a year automatically.
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