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Spear House Placement - The Guiding Light

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Yesterday I figured out a very important thing to consider when setting up your spear house.

Normally I would set up my house based on the underwater "terrain" and what direction I thought the fish would be coming from.

I always tried to line my house up so the fish would come from underneath me.

Yesterday with it being overcast with some moments of bright sun, and no fish moving, I got to thinking.

If I place the house correctly with regards to the sun I can pick up as much as an additional 30 min of spearing at sunup and as much as an additional 30 min of spearing at sundown.

On the lake I am spearing now that 30 min of spearing at sundown really makes a difference for the number of pike I see.

Each lake and condition is different but always keep the sun and available light in mind. Look at the tree lines, hills or high banks, that will shade you in early morning or late afternoon. It should not keep you from a really good underwater "terrain" spot but it is a point that should be considered.

Also when parking your vehicle or gear always park it to the north of your fish house so you don't "shade" your hole.

I am sure there are many other considerations to keep in mind pertaining to available light.

Feel free to add your ideas here too.

It really is something I have never thought of before and now I will take available light into consideration each time I setup my spear house.

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great tip merk I have played this game a few times the times will vary that you will get from playing the light but its always nice to pick up those presious extra few minuetes cause our season is so short.

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You could also remove snow in areas around the house as a window to let in more lite and cover back up on sunny days.

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