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Paul Waldowski

L.E.T.S. Statewide Cass Results

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Here are the results from our first event of the season.

Congrats to CD/PP for the First place finish and the great showing. Those were to nice bags guys. They won some cash and a great Catch'n Tackle tackle pack. Thanks Dave

Ron and Steve took Big Fish honors with a 45 inch Cass Muskie. Nice fish guys hope to see the photos soon. They are the winner of a great Jig Kit from Scenic Tackle. Thanks to Jeff Beckwith for that.

Last but not Least, Thanks to Ethan Roger's (Cluelessfisherman) for his hospitality and for putting up with us one more year.


Stone Cold's (Ron/Steve) Muskie

Drake Motel

[email protected]
Otter Outdoors
JR's Tackle
Lakemaster Lake Maps

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What a great weekend, and it was fun to finally get in the boat and fish in nice weather! That Catch'n tackle pack is nice, can't wait to try it out!! Thanks Dave!

Thanks to Paul for the awesome shrimp boil. Wow, you cook some mean meals. Did you break in that new rod on Sunday??? smile.gif

I'm emailing you the pic of Ron/Stonecold's muskie so you can post Paul.

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That was a lot of fun! Thanks to Paul for the awesome food, and to clueless for being such a great host. Here are a few more pics from the weekend...







Good luck to everyone on the rest of the Statewide, Brian and I are back to the Metro smile.gif

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Outdoors
Metro Area Ice Fishing, Team Catch-N, and more...

[email protected]
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Hey Dennis!!!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!

You know the feeling from missing last year, Its like, Missing a trip with your old high school buddies, missing a class reunion, I have so many great memories!

I think I am getting LETS withdrawals!!

Cory Frantzick

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Posting.  Cuz I can’t sleep worth a dump.  Gonna be a MEA yahoo for most the rest of the week.  I’ve heard good reports from the friends that are already out there. They took the whole week so I’m driving myself out Tuesday night.     Just getting the the back of the truck filled with dekes got me too revved up.  Gonna be hard packing anything else besides waders, layout blind, guns and shells!  Who needs food and more than one change of clothes for 5 days anyway?!
    • I was ALMOST headed to Ely as well but opted to stick to “productive” pursuits at home, figuring I probably missed the October window this year.  That only lasted a day though before I headed west.   It looked really cool though.  Quiet too I bet.
    • I have a couple LX5s and have been very happy with them.  I had to get a second one for the wheelhouse since after I set it up for the wife, I usually go out hole hopping my original one.  Then come back with fish only cuz I was using the “cheat mobile”.    With the second one I was able to let her stare at it long enough to figure it out cuz apparently my teaching skills are sub par.  She normally wanted to have the camera down all the time but come dark, it’s kinda hard to see anything.     Who knew a wheelhouse and flasher would change her from a winter hibernator to an ice fishing addict.  She wants to go EVERY weekend now.     Anyone wanna buy a wheelhouse? 😉😂   Just kidding.... but I wish she’d wanna try for lakers every once in a while.
    • Was up in Ely over the weekend, darn windy and chilly Sat night.  You make it look so warm and fuzzy with the camp setup and fire. 😊
    • I have no doubt that by now there is something on the market that is better than my FL-20 and my FL-8 but I already own them and they work for me and I am long over the days where I have to have the latest and greatest fishing equipment.    Most of these gadgets, gizmos and lures are better at catching fishermen than fish.
    • My bird places nice with vexilars and doesn't get it too bad when there is a marcum in the next hole.   Keep my FL18 as a backup/loaner, it's been bulletproof.  But I haven't looked backed since I got an ice55 bird.    
    • lol. my brother hates them also cuz they thow a robin chick out of the nest sometimes. Only a couple here, if i had too my they would meet my 17 pellet. Red squirrels get a pass. not enough here. Grays are a different story. 
    • put a new floor in over the past month and finished it off by winterized it on Saturday.