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The Yeti

Hang on, Ladder or climbing tree stands??

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Which of the 3 types of stands do you prefer? Looking to buy one. It's been a few years since I've been bow hunting.

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I prefer the API Brand Hang-on stands.

If you don't hang your stand on the right tree, on the right side of the tree, trail, etc. then you're severely limiting your opportunity for a clean shot, or a shot altogether.

Climbing stands are fine, but you need a perfect tree, in a perfect place to use them.

Just my .02


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The Yeti,

It depends a lot on where you are using it and how you plan to use the stand. I have all of those types and use them each in different situations.

Climber Stands

Benefit -

  • Climbing stands are great when you need to take your stand down at night (public lands).
  • They are among the most comfortable stands - they offer inflatable cushions, arm rests, etc. Great for hunting all day.
  • no steps required
  • I really like the Summit line of climbers

Downside -

  • You need a straight tree with limited branches. Any branches in the way will need to be cut down.
  • If you need to get down in the middle of the day, the stand needs to come down as well.
  • this is not the stand to use in an area where you can keep a stand up for any period of time. Works great if you go in on public land and hunt for the day, but if you can leave a stand up your better off with a fixed stand or ladder stand.
  • not quite as easy to climb into as a fixed or ladder stand.
  • slightly heavier than a hang-on stand typically

Ladder Stand

Benefits - once set up they are easy to get in and out of. Safer to climb. No steps required.

Downside - heavy and noisy to set-up. Easier for deer to spot the stand.

Hang-on Fixed Stands

Benefit -

  • can be very light and easily portable. Good stand to take in and leave up for extended periods.
  • very popular and can be used in many different situations.
  • can be used in trees with or without branches.

Downside - not much for downside other than you need to have steps (screw-in or strap-on ladder of some type)

If your only going to have one or two stands, I'd probably go with hang-on stands. If you hunt public land a lot and take down your stand every night, I'd go with a climber. I don't recommend ladder stands unless you want something easy to get into that you don't want to move around much. Hope this helps you out some.

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Good summary Dan. I've never really thought it out but you hit the nail on the head.

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    • Camera are great. Shielded wire or wireless I use both. rl-sd good info on shielded, wireless I use 5.8ghz drone trans/rcvr effective and inexpensive all 12v run multiple devices, TV, monitors, tablet, smart phone.   Forced Air Furcace - only way to go. Ventless has CO issue and will put .8 gallons of water/moisture inside your house for every 20# of propane burned. If you go ventless bring a torch the following morning as the door will most likely be froze shut. I have a 6.5 x 12 WH, 19,000 BTU Suburban vented furnace well insulated took 9 min to heat from 8 deg to 70 deg. You will probably need to go to 25,000 minimum. My cealing at 82" and air duct to center of house & 4" round to door no ceiling fans. Have balanced temp all areas of house. On my next build I will add a second floor 2" and have a 12 x 2" channel from furnace to back of house with 8 x 2 multi channels to sides to duct heat. Fill other area with additional insulation.     I don't sleep in mine so no bunks and no range hood.   I would go all 12v lighting. Smaller flexible stranded wire, no A/C interference. Lights available equivelent to 75 watt only white, not yellow. You can get remote dimmers for about $12. I made mine 4 years ago putting 50 50 bright white strips in RV lights. Bottom lighting  pic before I put the new Suburban furnace in.  
    • Congrats on your 10 years Steve!! Made me look too, and it says since 8-11-2000..........    Holy carp, thats a long time ago!! Back in the day we used to have some pretty big get togethers on the Duluth forum.  Many B-side Bash's, a few garbage clean-ups, and a couple Lake Superior get togethers. I've met alot of folks from on here up on URL back in those old days of the Crappie Boom.  IBOT's and clamping, oh my😂      
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    • Make sure you use shielded cable vs wiring rca ends onto standard 16 gauge wire other wise you will have interference from your other 12 and 120 volt wiring.  More insulation = less btus needed. At the very least I would spray the floor. Going to want to go 30k if you aren’t going to spray foam the walls Depends on location. 30” is optimal. If on the side of the house versus back, I would go 24” because the are nicer to sit on. I have a 36” for my fold down top bunk and it works well to sleep my 7 & 8 year old Are they nice? Yes. Are they a nessecity? No. I don’t have one and moisture has never been an issue. The only prob I have is cooking bacon in the house.... I love bacon but when u cook it in the house it lingers for days, but not sure the vent would totally solve this LED!!!!! You need to decide whether you’re going to have a generator and how long you want to run it. If you think that you’re going to constantly run a generator then you probably want to have more 120 V lights in the last 12 V lights. If you’re not going to run a generator that often or not at all then you would want to cut down in the number of 120 V lights.  Three way switches are in valuable within a fish house. Being able to switch on the entire bank of lights by the door and also by the rear bunk is very nice when you hear the rattle real go off in the middle of the night. I have three double pancake LED lights in my house that can be switched on and off individually one light or too light per fixture. I then ran the input power through a three way switch so that I can shut each light down individually or shut the whole works off as one. Hall lights are also very important, we used LED Leison plate lights and they work awesome
    • Been sick at all since starting to use it?  Friends of mine have been using it for a few years religiously for one reason or another.  They keep a jug of it next to the coffee pot.