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The Yeti

Hang on, Ladder or climbing tree stands??

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Which of the 3 types of stands do you prefer? Looking to buy one. It's been a few years since I've been bow hunting.

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I prefer the API Brand Hang-on stands.

If you don't hang your stand on the right tree, on the right side of the tree, trail, etc. then you're severely limiting your opportunity for a clean shot, or a shot altogether.

Climbing stands are fine, but you need a perfect tree, in a perfect place to use them.

Just my .02


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The Yeti,

It depends a lot on where you are using it and how you plan to use the stand. I have all of those types and use them each in different situations.

Climber Stands

Benefit -

  • Climbing stands are great when you need to take your stand down at night (public lands).
  • They are among the most comfortable stands - they offer inflatable cushions, arm rests, etc. Great for hunting all day.
  • no steps required
  • I really like the Summit line of climbers

Downside -

  • You need a straight tree with limited branches. Any branches in the way will need to be cut down.
  • If you need to get down in the middle of the day, the stand needs to come down as well.
  • this is not the stand to use in an area where you can keep a stand up for any period of time. Works great if you go in on public land and hunt for the day, but if you can leave a stand up your better off with a fixed stand or ladder stand.
  • not quite as easy to climb into as a fixed or ladder stand.
  • slightly heavier than a hang-on stand typically

Ladder Stand

Benefits - once set up they are easy to get in and out of. Safer to climb. No steps required.

Downside - heavy and noisy to set-up. Easier for deer to spot the stand.

Hang-on Fixed Stands

Benefit -

  • can be very light and easily portable. Good stand to take in and leave up for extended periods.
  • very popular and can be used in many different situations.
  • can be used in trees with or without branches.

Downside - not much for downside other than you need to have steps (screw-in or strap-on ladder of some type)

If your only going to have one or two stands, I'd probably go with hang-on stands. If you hunt public land a lot and take down your stand every night, I'd go with a climber. I don't recommend ladder stands unless you want something easy to get into that you don't want to move around much. Hope this helps you out some.

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Good summary Dan. I've never really thought it out but you hit the nail on the head.

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