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sighting in a scope

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i replaced a scope on my 308. i have over,under mounts. the last scope was close when first mounted. my new scope is like 2 feet off to left at 60 yards, according to the open sights. i've heard one can shim a scope for up and down, but how about left to right? im not sure there is enought adjustment to the scope to go that far. any ideas?

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First off are you sure the scope rings are aliagned right?

Second;are all the screws tight?

Third;Shimming is not a very good way to do this as the shims can move or shift around on you.

Now there should be enough travel in the scope to compensate for the distance.If not you will need to return that scope for a replacement.
I have seen Bushnell scope that were out of wack right from the factory, so far to one side we couldn't even shim it over.

I volenteer at BeaverBrook gun club for the yearly deer rifle sight in, and have seen many scope problems.Most are usually the way the scope was mounted.

Another thing to look for is that you have the matching front and rear scope mounts.
Last year we had a poor fella who just couldn't get his A-Bolt in for nothing.When he gave up and asked for help, one of the range experts"Ottis" found that the scope mounts were mis matched.
The guy had bought a set of clearance rings from GM that had been opened and then re-sealed shut.

I would take it all apart , start over again and make sure everything matchs and goes back together right.
Then try a bore sight then paper target.

Let me know if you have more problems.I will try to help as much as posible.


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