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  1. we are heading out friday also, staying at jacks. our first time to the area. looking so forward to this. thanks for all the info, been a big help. think we will boost the lines to 20 lbs, have some young kids and few new to fishing. what channel do people use there to share info?
  2. thanks for all the info!! our rods are set with 15 lbs line from lake superior, is that heavy enought for lake michigan?
  3. heading to washington island, july 31 till august 4. new to the area . looking for fishing reports there and any advice on tackle,fishing hours, night life,resturants. thanks for any help.
  4. pj4

    briaded line

    had the same problem last year. was a sharp spot on the eyelet. it was nicking the line. lost several lures before i found it.
  5. look into the new gov. rebate coming out soon. 3500.00 or 4500.00 in rebate for that truck towards a new one. dealers are supose to scrape truck after. it has to have insurance on it during the last year. just wish it could go towards a newer used one.
  6. code 135 came up. E&C data line failure with heater and a/c control assembly. would that be a wire to control unit?possibly loose?
  7. i have an 07 can-am 800 efi.saw some aftermarket injection curve controllers. any one have any experience with these units? there is many different brands and type of units. just looking to up the low end power alittle for playing around. tried 30" mudlite xxl tires and lost too much on the low end. by the way, the 30" tires fit with no mods required. going to put a spring in the clutch to help raise the engagement rpm. be fun to crank up the power.
  8. i spent some time searching for a self test or more info on testing the atc, did not find anything of help.
  9. you might be right about the ground or wiring, the problem is intermitten. any ides where the ground wire for that would be? i did not find a fuse for the atc to follow the wire and check connections. there is a bunch of relays and fuse's under the hood just below the windsheild.
  10. have a '92' olds ninety eight, 3.8, with automatic electronic climate control. lately when starting the car the panel has three lines across it and the fans blows at high speed. during this time i can not change the settings. if i kill the power(turn key off) and restart, sometimes it will preform normaly. any ideas where to start looking for the cause?
  11. the battery is fully charged, tried moving the throttle and still no spark. how do you test the throttle position sensor? it has three wires, using an ohm meter and watching for a change in resistance as the sensor moves? just hoping its not the ecm. the kids are bugging me to get it running for them, i feel so bad for knowing so little about artic cat wiring.how does a person test the ignition timing sensor? thanks for any help.
  12. pj4

    which oil

    its the 04 and new ski-doo that need the sythentic or blend oils. the older units have very little problem with ski-doo mineral oil. as for the cheaper brands, you might have problems if it create more ash then oem oil.
  13. i have a 95 pantera with 583 efi. the sled started after several tries this fall, ran for 10 min. stumbled once then i shut it off. now it wont start again,no spark. tried new cdi box, no hlp. looking for wiring skimatic for the coils, cdi,ect. not sure how to check each componet,. the coil has continuity. was think its a broken or loose wire, found nothing. this sled ran flawless for years.
  14. i agree, do not use a gun to crack the ice. too many things can go wrong. imagine explaining to the sherrif why your buddy has a hole in the forehead from the recqocet of the ice!! been thinking of a design where a person can use a weed burner in the end of your frame to blow heat through out the frame for thawing out ice. one corner turned up with cap to add heat, opposit corner has outlet. just a thought!
  15. using a v-plow will reduce the stress on truck and plow when trying to open a road late in season.maybe plow an extra area off to side, or well past you , of your shack will reduce the poeple next to you. dont leave them room to camp next to you.
  16. anyone used the new quick release plow? wondering which is better, the moose quick release or there older style of push tubes? seams like the high mount of the quick release would apply more down force when moving forward.any thoughts?
  17. aftermarket companys make a replacement end for the choke lever. cost about 3.00 plus shipping. want one ? e-mail me @ [email protected]
  18. a friend of mine sprayed his whole house with iso foam. cost $300.00 dolars. best money ever spent. i believe he used 1/2" on floor. be sure its marine grade, not pressue treated.1 1/2' wall studs, 2x4 roof perlins. i would use 3/4" floor, the extra wieght is good insurance.be sure you the proper screws for treated wood. i like the triple coated deck screws.
  19. what brand of sled,year and model? do you have a rack on the back? most mount to a tubular rack, could be modfied to a wood rack over the rear of the seat. i found mine at partsunlimited. e-mail me and ill get u a price. [email protected]
  20. the pool and hot tub will be heated by way of heat exchanger. im sure i will need two or more pumps. one to house and one to circulate house and other zones.the stove has a 150 gal cap.would seam there is a formula for rate of water speed to heat exchange at defferent temps. just seams hard to believe can get 200,000 btu of heat from a 1" line of 180 degree water. house, garage, pool and tub will be seperate zones feed from single header.
  21. bought a used heatmore wood stove. the book says its rated for 200,000 btu. im heating my house,hot tub,some heat for garage and later the pool in spring and fall.will 1" wersbo provide enought water for all this. have a 120' run to house, then plan on splitting to different zones?
  22. pj4

    4 wheeler snow plow

    have setup and used several types of plows. as long as the dump springs are adjusted right, you should not have any problems with frame fatigue. remember to adjust the shoes down to lift the plow till the ground is frozen. sucks to rake rocks and sod the next spring from your yard. moose makes two types of hookups. 1, drive in. 2, push tubes with pins under chassy. both work very well. question? [email protected]
  23. pj4

    4 wheeler snow plow

    have experience with most brands of plows. the moose is the best imo, built to last. i can smooth gravel driveway and not worry about bending parts. parts unlimited make a new quick release for all brands, including can-ams. i mounted it and it looks sweet.e-mail me for more info, pictures and prices [email protected] they make a straight blade for short pushes and the county plow for longer pushes (one end higher like co trucks)angle the blade, pick up your speed,10-15mph,and watch the snow fly off the side.
  24. pj4


    putting in an outdoor stove. has any one had experience with duo-pex for underground use? not sure if it it oxygen rated.should i stick to the metal reinforced hose, such as wirsbo? what do you know that does not work?
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