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Water temps and air temps

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To avoid taking another thread off topic I decided to start this thread.

In the Alexandria Area topics Rick started a thread dedicated to ice fishing reports and hhguide made a couple references to the outside air temperature. He indicated that the recent cold snaps we have experienced caused the walleye fishing to slow down but with the warmer temperatures predicted, he expects the bite to improve a little.

This got me wondering. How does the mid-winter air temperature have any effect on walleye fishing below the three-foot layer of ice? I find it hard to believe that the fish feel any difference in water temperature whether the air above the ice layer is +20 degrees or -20 degrees, especially at a time when the ice is so thick. I suppose if it remained -20 for an extended period like weeks it may eventually affect the lake’s water temperature to some degree but very small at that. I’ve never studied the affect of air temperature on winter water temperature so I stand to gain a little knowledge.

I wonder if there’s another factor involved. Typically, when we get these really cold winter temperatures it is because we are under the influence of a strong high pressure system. It’s not uncommon that these types of high pressure systems are accompanied by clear skies and the lack of cloud cover is partially why the temperature can plummet. No cloud cover also means bright sunlight during the day. Is it possible that this plays a role more than the temperature?


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I agree, it is not how cold it is that affects fishing, it is the barometer reading, if it is falling or rising.

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there was a different post on this, do not recall excatly, but seems to me some one said that a low pressure is better for the bite, or if the pressure has been steady for a while.

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I'm pretty sure the fish don't know its cold out. I have had some of my best fishing for walleyes when it is very cold out, like -25. I think it is more based on pressure. The only thing that could effect them when very cold is the noise from the ice cracking.

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