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  1. I am posting these for my son, so you will need to use the contact info listed at the bottom. Clam Yukon TC includes: 2 hooks Sportsman caddy Extra pole clips Extra slide release clips Rear cargo net Sled lights Travel cover 400 for kit 2 year old Strikemaster 8 inch magnum chipper. Used handful of times 137 solo motor. Includes: carry bag Strikemaster oil kits. 275.00 it may take him a little while to answer as he can not always respond quickly when he is at work. you can call or text 218.750.7826
  2. what do most used? a battery hooked to a charger or a converter to power them?
  3. opsirc

    battery augers

    bought the one with reverse, paid $450 for it, hard to pass up.
  4. opsirc

    battery augers

    I decieded to go with the Ion. did not want to have to worry about mixing or hauling gas. Not to mention trying to get rid of the gas odor off hands while fishing after filling tank.
  5. The new ion seems to be the rage right now, but wanted to get thoughts on the ION versus the strikemaster battery. The strikemaster is a bit cheaper, but does not have reverse. both were well rated.
  6. what do u use to attached our reels to rods that do not have the rings all ready on them?
  7. does anyone have a photo of a drop down axle without the tires on that they would be willing to share. thanks
  8. maybe its just me, but I have been looking at both houses and photos of the spring system on houses. to me it looks like there is no way the spring can move the way they are attached.
  9. My son and I are thinking of building a wheel house out of an old 5th wheel trailer frame. It currently has two axles under it, I was going to take them out and replace with a single heavier one that would swivel up and down. Would use the front legs and add two 3000lb trailer jacks welded to the back to raise and lower. Trouble is I can only seem to find springs for the wheel with a 9/16 eyehole. I am worried that this will not be big enough to hold the weight when towing. The house would be approximately 18ft long and 6 1/2 wide. Are there springs with bigger eyes on them out there or will these hold. most of the weight should still be on the truck when towing.
  10. opsirc

    Rifle Scope

    am looking for a scope for my deer rifle,getting tire of the iron sites. am looking at either a Nikon, Bushnell, or Leupold, would like to stay around about $150. something within the area of 3x9x40 field of vision. Ideas??? thanks
  11. opsirc

    Swamp People

    been watching it for a couple of years now, not sure why. But my son was working for a company in Marshall, Michigan this past summer that was working on the embridge oil spill over there. they were using air boats to get around, most of which were hire from down south. His driver happen to be Elizabeth's brother. said he had some interesting stories to tell about her. bottom line was the producer have a tendency to add-live a little, imagine(sp) that.
  12. I will be in duluth tomorrow, give me a call 218.348.6547
  13. I have a couple of rods that do not have any way to attach the reels to them. I have tried electrial tape but it seems to have too much stretch to it. thought about shrink tubing but have not see any bigger than 1 inch. would need 1 1/4 - 1 1/2. what does everyone else use, there was disscussion on this before, but i could not find the thread. thanks
  14. first auger I own was a 10 with a 3hp, the beast was heavy and would not run at all, took that back and bought the SM lazer mag in a 9 inch. should I ever have to replace it would go with an 8, but simple because SM does not make the 9 any more.
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