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    I just returned from Algoma. We were there for 5 days. The bows are there for the taking but you need to go out 13 + miles to 300-600 fow for numbers. We left the bow action to find kings. We did get into kings in 110 to 130 fow. It was not fast and furious but we were getting 4 to 5 a day. Big ones too. We had 18, 21 and 23 lb kings. Many 12lb, 3 lb and 5 lb. All on downriggers 5 to 20 feet off bottom. White flasher green fly took all. Just finished smoking some kings. Mmmgoood. This was the first time we got into kings this big. Up till now 14 lb was the biggest. All I can say is wow. These fish can fight!
  2. eyebjim

    How much ice before you will fish?

    I've fished many times on 2 but I much prefer to wait for 3.
  3. eyebjim

    MODIS updates

    The terra selection is taken at noon and the aqua is taken at 2 pm but the data will show up a little while after these times.
  4. eyebjim

    muffler or silencer for gas augers

    Oops. I had been reading several posts on generator noise and evidently didn't notice this was about a auger.
  5. eyebjim

    muffler or silencer for gas augers

    One problem with a lot of cheap generators is that there is a lot of noise from multiple sources. The intake creates a lot of noise and a lot is also transmitted from the case itself as well as vibration so reducing the exhaust noise may not make it all that much quieter. An open top box around it with acoustic foam on the insides is probably the best solution as some of the noise will be absorbed by the foam and most of the rest will go straight up. You just need to make sure the foam is far enough away from the exhaust that you don't start a fire.
  6. eyebjim

    Strikemaster Electra Lazer

    The shavers work well to reopen holes if you let them freeze at least the top 3 inches of the hole before re-drilling. If not they are difficult to say the least.
  7. eyebjim

    Trolling Rod Holders

    Measure twice cut once.
  8. eyebjim

    What is the best raingear?

    I've tried many and was never really happy until I went with a columbia rain jacket and pants.
  9. eyebjim

    What are the odds? Lets hear your story...

    This summer I was fishing lake michigan for king salmon and rainbows. We had caught about half of our fish on the one leadcore rod I had with. We were trolling along when all of a sudden the lead core reel started screaming. I ran for the it to get my thumb on the reel before all the line went out and just as I did I watched the line hit the end and go right out the tip of the rod. Gone. I was bummed since this was our best setup and we had another day to fish without any leadcore. Well it was on a planerboard so I thought maybe I can catch up to it. I had 5 other lines out so I turned as quickly as I could without tangling every other line. We then started looking for the planerboard and caught a glimpse of it. We got up to it and it would take off. This happened a few times till we finally caught the planer board. We then pulled in the loose end of the line and fed it back thru the rod guides and into the reel. Denny then reeled in the fish. It was 12.5 lb King Salmon which just happened to be the largest of the trip.
  10. eyebjim

    Lead core line setup?

    you will want to tie a backer line to the reel first then the lead. I use power pro usually as it is thin for the weight. I usually use about 50 yards of backer then 5-6 colors of lead. This is for a lake like mille lacs only needing to get to 25-30 feet down.
  11. eyebjim

    Lead core

    Go with the dive curve for your crank at the length of your mono leader added to the lead depth.. If it dives to 5-6 ft at 100 ft it may only dive to 1 or 2 ft at 30 ft long.
  12. eyebjim

    Southern California Charter

    I went out with newport beach sport fishing last year for a morning half day. They have a good HSOforum with daily fishing reports for each of their boats so you can get a idea of the what they are catching now. The boat was nice. They cooked a very good breakfast burito on the way out and had drinks all for purchase. We went out about 4 miles and fished up and down the coast at various spots. This was not trolling. They anchored and the fishing was basically jigging with a 1-2 oz weight and multiple hooks on the line. It was much like a launch boat on mille lacs but bigger. The fishing for us was not so good but had been good the days before and their fishing report was honest about our lack of fish. The boat did catch some. A guy next to me caught a 3 lb halibut. Several rockfish were caught as well as some others I forget the names of. I caught only 1 small makeral about 8 inches long. Overall it was fun. I would do it again.
  13. That funny you mentioned downriggers. I just rigged my boat with them for a trip out to lake michigan. I wanted to hit a local lake before hitting the big water to make sure everything worked well and to get a feel for them. The downriggers worked great and easy to fish. I fished them at 20 feet with 50 feet of line out behind the release and a 4 inch spoon. This was in 20-25 fow. I thought maybe I'd catch a northern or two. I Picked up a 42 inch musky in less than a hour. What a blast. It was my first musky. kept the fight short and immediately release her. Ended up doing good on lake michigan with many kings and bows. Great now I'm hooked on musky and salmon fishing. And I thought walleye fishing was expensive.
  14. eyebjim

    Drift Socks

    I caught a drift sock off the bottom of Mille lacs. It had a harness and all but the float had evidently fallen off. Boy was that thing a fight it opened fully and it was windy out so it took me about 15 minutes or more to bring it. So I would say not all of them float.
  15. eyebjim

    Tv for Wheelhouse

    Ya You probably want to run a generator with that unit. I value my peace and quiet on the ice so I would rather go light on the tv size.