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Strikemaster Gear box kaput?

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I was diggin some holes for 4 fence posts tonight (dirt bit) and I'm pretty sure I took out a gear in the gear box.

Its a 4 stroke model. Any ideas as to what it will take to get it back up and running again. What does the gear box consist of internally?



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Does StrikeMaster say the 4-stroke version is rated for post hole work, even with the dirt bit?

The gearbox in that is not half as heavily constructed as the metal version on the other StrikMasters. Could be the clutch springs, could be a gear or bushing...or a combo or them all?

If they said it could handle it than they should work with you on the warranty work.

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Good question Ed, It was bought this way, but I'm the second owner, so I cant really anwser that question.


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It is recommended that everyone who uses this product should read the StrikeMaster OPERATING MANUAL and

the ROBIN engine OPERATOR'S MANUAL before operation.

1. DO NOT use this product for any purpose other than cutting ice fishing holes. Ice augers are precision cutting tools

built for the ice fisherman, and must be properly maintained and handled with caution during both cutting and

transporting. When not in use, always store with blade guard attached.

2. DO NOT use attachments other than those available from the manufacturer.

3. DO NOT alter this product in any manner; doing so is dangerous and voids all warranties.

4. DO NOT allow children or adults weighing under 100 lbs. to operate this equipment.

5. DO NOT operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. DO NOT allow your body, loose clothing, drawstrings, scarves, hats or other materials to come in contact with the

Powerhead, Starter Assembly or Auger (Drill) unit at any time.

7. DO NOT operate if, upon pulling the starter rope or after drilling holes, the auger (drill) unit rotates or if the rope pulls

hard. DO NOT OPERATE. Have the unit checked by a qualified mechanic.

8. DO NOT allow the engine to run or operate while moving or transporting to another location.

9. DO NOT continue to use this product in the event of mechanical or electrical failure.

10. This product produces considerable cutting force that is felt by the operator. Make sure your feet are firmly planted and

that the handles are held firmly while operating this product.

11. Always check the operation of the throttle system to ensure the carburetor control is completely returning

to the idle position when the throttle lever is released.

12. Check cutting blades and auger shaft screws before and after each use to make sure they are tight.

13. During operation, the auger unit could possibly stop. Be prepared at all times to release the throttle lever.

14. Everyone who uses this product should read this manual and the ROBIN operating manual before operating this unit.

15. The cutting blades on the ice auger are razor sharp. Use extreme care when handling.

16. The manufacturer recommends that all augers, Lazer Mag Xpress, Strike-Lite, Lazer 224, Mag 2000 and

Electra Lazer 12000 DP be used for ice cutting only.

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Yes thats what i was going to suggest is that I don't think they advocate using the augers on dirt at all. The gear boxes can't handle the torque that earth puts on it.

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The service shop said that he replaced no less than 10 gears last winter, even when used on ice.

He says the gear is lightweight, and wont take the dirt bit.

He had the gear on hand, hasnt gotten to it yet. Ill let you know what it cost.

Thanks for the replies.


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