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  1. Here is the manual for the Vantage line plus more. Look to Section 10. there are some troubleshooting tips there to de-bug this if it's stuck. *Minn Kota Vantage Manual. PDF*
  2. I would opt for the Marine Vinyl boat flooring with the aggressive rubberized finish. Slip resistant and easy to clean and will not get soaked up. Add a runner type rug to fit your needs latter if you think you need it. They runner rugs roll up and get out of the way easily, and dry fairly quickly.
  3. The 24" strips are silicon not PVC manufactured LED light so they do "ok" in the cold. There weak point is there wires are very light duty so securing them well is critical to longevity. At the price I seen, it's a very fair deal. Go with the Warm White LED's, not the colored.
  4. If you expedite (pay an extra fee) for the lite card it should be there in 4 - 5 weeks or less. Even if it is not, you can prove it is on the way...and your good. The lite passport ID Card is only good for Mexico, Canada and Porta Rico...not the rest of the wourld..keeps that in mind too. You can roll the card over to a full passport with less hassle latter if you need one too.
  5. There are a lot of things to be aware of before you try it. Passports are required or the passport lite card to make it in and out smoothly, and then only if no hitch's pop up on your record. Potential Hitch's: A DUI in the past 10 years will flag you going into Canada no matter what, passport or not. A conviction within 5 years they spin you around on the spot, 5 - 10 years you may get a pass...maybe...but it will be a hassle after some extensive Q&A and records research for sure. If any old drug charges or weapons related charges pop up....this will get you extra special attention real quickly. Not the good type of special attention either. And...NEVER...EVER...EVER...smart off to the border patrol people going either way..EVER....that's bad...they can and will make your trip really uncomfortable and long if you do. Be nice, answer all questions with the assumption they already know the answer...and be nice!
  6. I use a net about 50% of the time. If I can safely grab a fish, safe for both the fish and for me, I will. If it's going to be tough on me and the fish then the net is a must. Boating heavy fish with very few exceptions requires a net for safety. Cats are a good example, while sturgeon may be best handled by hand if you know how to do it well. I use several style of nets for different needs. I most recently got the new Frabill Hiber-Net XL, and like this one a lot. The New Hiber-Net XL serves me very well on shore and in the boat and the mesh size is easy on fish and my rigs.
  7. I like the tiny stainless steel bearing SPRO's as they attract less weeds and will not bugger up like a simple ball type will. I also add a drop or two of reel oil in the swivels bag to keep them well lubed. A light duty fish attractant scent oil will accomplish the same result if your concerned with the reel oil scent on the rig. Another tip when using them on rigs prone to constant spinning, like a Slow Death Rig , is to add a bead or two ahead of the swivel. This acts to deflect weeds that can freeze up a swivel and spin up the line causing line twist. On rigs fished tightly to the bottom a bead with a slip knot and a bass bullet weight on top works well to deflect problems.
  8. I propose we synchronize this "Power Ice Auger Summer Salute" for....lets say.....the first Saturday in July...07/03/2011....at official Sundown. That way all the ice augers running at once can cackle majestically in the twighlight, morning the lack there of ice to cut. For all to hear there power and beauty. Anyway that a date about mid summer, more or less. So...if we use Minneapolis MN as the official sunset point for that "Power Ice Ice Auger Summer Salute Date", it would be at 21:03 hours sharp in 2011. Run for 1 full minute and then off to silance.
  9. It's filtering into the Gander stores now. I picked up some 10 lb this week. So far, I love it. Due to some very good performance feedback from some Berkley staff members whom I highly trust that used it all last winter, I'm certain I will spool it for fall/winter use this season too.
  10. Buy a new Vexilar TK Kit with everything you need, mount, power cord, high speed ducer. 19 degree kit is the most versatile on a small boat. This way you just need to spin it off at the knobs and replace it on the ice case for winter use, and back just as easy in the spring. If the suction cup system is what you wish this too is available in the TK kit direct from Vexilar. The Vexilar TK-223 Kit is for the FL-8, and the FL-18's. The Vexilar TK-224 Kit is for the FL-12, FL-20 and the FL-22HD. They run about $100 for the TK Kits, a bit more for the Duel Bean kits and the Shoot through the hull kits.
  11. Consignment auctions are an option too. Set the base and hope for more. Oilfield guys are looking for these XL large units as well, due to the housing shortage in Western ND....the market is good there and you may wish to advertise it in Williston ND. Good luck on the sale....congratulations on the soon to be new family member.
  12. We are making an assumption that the tow vehicle is fully covered..Comprehensive Full Coverage..right? If for instance it had just liability I can't see the tow item being covered...or am I missing something here? Boat insurance generally covers loss in storage or at rest, theft or vandalism, damage due to on the water collisions, liability or loss of life coverage.....but not damage in transit under tow unless it has a specific rider attached to the policy to cover this. There are many levels of coverage options here too. $500K to several Million if one wished on liability alone.
  13. Last I looked the Canadian Dollar vrs the US Dollar was about even, the Canadian was rated at .99 to the $1.00 US. You end up getting charged to convert that money back latter to US Funds at customs or at the bank, so you loose there too. I used to do Canadian Cash up North and found I lost money every trip just in the conversion fee's...so now it's 100% debit to avoid this. If I use cash, it's US Funds and I closely watch the US/Canadian value. You loose converting it to Canadian, then you loose again converting it back to US funds. Travelers Checks are a good and safe option. They are often far less costly than the exchange rate and you never worry about the need of converting them once back stateside.
  14. Canada has no point of sale (POS) or "SWIPE Fee" charges on Debit Cards or credit cards. It's smarter now to use a Debit or a Credit for most things up north. The exchange rate is automatic then with no fee. However, they can charge you whatever they wish for exchange and currency conversion fee's on cash.
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